Flaccidity and Scruples

Hold your heads high and puff up your chests, for we are the largest democracy in the world.
Pitter, Patter. Drip, drop.A flaccid government expending its energies and a much-acclaimed intellect on staying afloat clinging onto the chair, rather than surfing the tide of challenges. With an opposition stalling sessions sans any scruples and brazen and hideous, represented by a pack of venal, insouciant and gob-smacking politicians, we the citizens of India expect to be steered into world supremacy. Hallelujah!

It is disgraceful. The government has evaded crucial issues and acquiesced to actions threatening our integrity and sovereignty. Internationally and internally, the government has succumbed to miscreants and allowed matters to get to such a head that belittle the tenets of our constitution. With 5 months to go before many of us vote for the first time, it would be interesting to introspect the achievements or rather the lack of it of the incumbent party and the opposition (both then and now!)

Chinese intrusion and claims to a part of our territory are handled with levity and a cavalier attitude. “We will look into it” is the usual rant after any such incident, (but of course nothing is done about it, for we don’t want to upset our prodigious neighbour!) The Burmese junta’s macabre behaviour was allowed to bloom and nurture without a hint of potency and conscientiousness. While Tibetans were being disrobed, their land snatched away from them and atrocities pervaded, our government watched in dismay and grief, watched that the Olympic run was unharmed and successful.

Heads held high.

Internally, things were much rosier. Remaining in power, not India’s future, seemed to be of paramount importance,.Much dilly-dallying preceded the signing of the nuclear deal, with the ministry lacking willpower and belief. The Kashmir issue was allowed to get out of hand. Terrorism was replaced by a demand for azadi and freedom. The right to freedom of movement is debased and ridiculed. The perpetrators of such heinous crimes loom large instead of rotting behind bars.

Though the populace takes umbrage to such acts of squalor, it is the effete response that has let us down. A germ must be killed before it turns into a monster.

A wise man, not very long ago once said, “We get the leaders we deserve”. But, I am not going to believe that a civilization that has thrived for millennia lacks scruples and is unable to stand up for itself and its fraternity. The system is in ineffective hands, run by people who would rather attract opprobrium than plaudits.

Five months to go before we elect another government, the horizon looks hazy.

Nilesh Lodha

[Image Source: http://www.engr.uark.edu/images/India_flag_emblem.jpg]