Flight Bigg Boss 8: Predictions


Yes, India’s favourite reality (Which I think is nothing other than “reel-ity”) television show, Bigg Boss got back last night; back with a bang. The role of the host this season is very different from all the previous seasons. Salman Khan is playing the “captain” of flight Bigg Boss 8 that was seen almost in debris last night.

Bigg Boss’ house features participants from the modeling industry, someone from the LGBT group, an older member (most likely to look after the house), a daily soap star who plays the role of a vamp, actors who could not etch their mark in Bollywood, and of course, a Katrina look-alike. These are the types of participants each year, and this year is no different. The only thing different about this year’s journey in Bigg Boss is that it is going to be a “journey” in the literal sense, as they will be seen in the Bigg Boss “flight” (instead of the house).

From how the show has unfolded in the past seasons, here’s my guess of what will happen this season: Upen Patel will be the one increasing the heat of the flight and will most probably be seen flirting with other participants like Sonali Raut, Minissha Lamba and Karishma Tanna.

Mr. Gay India 2014, Sushant Divgikar will be the “drama queen” of the flight, (I simply fail to understand why homosexuals participating in Bigg Boss always meet the stereotype of “how gays should be”).

Then there is the model, Diandra Soares and the television vamp, Soni Singh, who will get together and play the “bitchy” roles that every Bigg Boss season requires.

The Katrina look-alike, who cannot speak in Hindi (another must in every Bigg Boss season) this time is Natasha Stankovic from Serbia. She will most probably grow to become the host’s favourite by the end of the season.

Arya Babbar, according to me, will be seen dating someone in the flight for as long as his visa does not expire.

Puneet Issar, who many are guessing is one of the members of this year’s “Secret Society” of the flight, will be the elder person trying to solve the fights and the quarrels that Bigg Boss is popularly known for.

Other than this predictable journey, you can expect nothing more than fights between the participants, quarrels with the most silly arguments you would ever hear, a lot of drama, some romance with quite a lot of jealousy, and the most dreaded elimination of your favourite contestant that never fails to make Bigg Boss what it always has been: Controversial.

Pallavi Sharma

[Image Source: http://biggboss8contestants.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Bigg-Boss-8-Contestants-2014-Names-List-With-Images-Photos-Wiki.jpg]