Flipkart: The site that changed it all

When it comes to e-commerce in India, very few names have found their way to the hearts or rather minds of the customers. Flipkart.com is one such online portal that is synonymous with trust worthy online shopping.

What first began as a one stop for all your reading needs, available at various possible prices, Flipkart.com has grown from selling just books to various categories like electronics, music, games, movies, stationary, healthcare and personal products  etc.

Not only did Flipkart.com re-ignite the love of bookworms across the length and breadth of the nation but it also re-defined the way Indians buy books and other products online. With a large option on prices, free shipping, 30 days replacement guarantee, cash on delivery and notable 24×7 customer support, Flipkart.com is one of the major forces responsible for removing all the myths about online shopping in India. Their service speaks for itself and their advertisements work like a charm.

In their advertisements, Flipkart.com uses cute kids playing the roles of an adult (with real adult dubbed voices) in a day to day situation to reach their audiences. This particular advertisement* where three generations are portrayed to present the customers’ skepticism in online shopping hits just the right chords to market Flipkart.com and assure customers of its excellent services.

This advertisement focuses on the major concern of the customers i.e. guarantee and how can one make an assessment from an online image. With the witty use of our old custom of arranged marriages where brides got betrothed by simply looking at the photographs of their husbands, this advertisement mixes a perfect marketing solution, wrapped up in good humor and the cuteness of the little actors.

By presenting three generations together in an ad, Flipkart.com once again makes it clear that online shopping is devoid of age barriers and Flipkart.com is targeted to everyone irrespective of age or gender. It also ropes in the older generation’s trust towards Flipkart.com by making the high-tech younger generation doubtful, and boosting the older generation’s ego by making them make an online purchase in the tech-savvy world. The tag line “shopping ka naya address”, “the new address for shopping”, does open doors or rather browsers to online shopping.

The ad does complete justice to what Flipkart.com has to offer – what you see is what you get (Flipkartpejodikhtahaiwahibiktahai). Now, customers don’t have to leave the comfort of their homes for shopping and when the delivery is free, it’s only a cherry on the cake.

I personally feel this ad comes as a fresh breath in the new age advertising. It successfully attempts at reaching the mind set of brick & mortar customers, altering it towards a positive side of e-commerce and its unbeatable service. Capturing the essence of Indian culture and formulating it in such a way that it reaches peoples’ hearts will definitely make a bright difference in the customer base.

If an ad is charming and the service world class, brand visibility is also bound to increase. It is one of the ads that will be remembered in the years to come as the successful onset of e-commerce in India.

Isha Sinha

Image Source [http://images.indiascanner.com/image/2012/06/Flipkart.jpg]