Flyover Delays

FlyoverThose of us traveling on the Delhi-Gurgaon highway must have faced the massive traffic jam on the way. This highway was being constructed so that the travel time between Gurgaon and Delhi would be reduced to a mere 25 minute ride. But did this really happen?

It all started with the highway getting completed two years later than planned. Due to the construction work, most of the roads on this route, were blocked and the passengers had to face grave inconvenience due to the huge traffic jams. Then they opened half of it, which led to greater congestion in the Dhuala Kuan area. The travel time from Gurgaon to Dhaula Kuan would have been around 20 minutes, but due to the traffic, the waiting time is double. And now once this jinxed highway has been opened, traveling to Delhi has become more of a disaster.

Thanks to the opening of the last flyover, reaching Delhi should have taken around 25 minutes, but ironically this is not the case. The waiting period at the toll plazas is so much that the whole purpose of constructing the highway is lost. People have waited for around 20 minutes during office- hours and at least for 40 minutes in the peak hours. There are three ways to pay the toll; cash, toll card and tag. Toll card allows you 29 round trips and tag is more like a prepaid card which keeps deducting the toll amount. Sadly, out of these three only tag has a separate line. People with tag can still afford to zip past but the cash and card passengers have to wait for hours. I guess the highway authorities want their passengers to admire the multi lane toll plazas, because ultimately, that is what most commuters end up doing.

If you think you could just fly to Delhi from Gurgaon, you should think again. The Highway Authorities have also imposed a speed limit for the convenience of the highway users. Though the designed speed limit of this stretch is 100 kmph, cars and heavy motor vehicles are not allowed to cross the 50 kmph mark and for two-wheelers the maximum limit is fixed at 40 kmph for the time being. Just what we needed with the negligible waiting period time at the beautiful toll plazas!

Why don’t we thank our government for giving us a truly adventurous ride to Delhi and back to Gurgaon. It’s beyond my comprehension as to how the goverment manages to create obstacles for the travelers at every step, almost like an obstacle race! I wonder about the reasons for showering so much love and comfort on us!

Anjuri Nayar

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