Footballers Known For Things Other Than Their Dribbling Skills


Footballers make a lot of money. Even after they retire, they don’t really need to worry about savings and financial planning the way normal people do. But that doesn’t stop them from playing their trade in different professions to satisfy their growing ambitions.  After all, they do have a life outside of the stadium.

While everyone has their hobbies, we give you a low down on some of the things famous footballers do in their free time.

Steven Gerrard: Restaurateur

The Liverpool legend is the co-owner of his favorite restaurant, Warehouse Kitchen & Bar. He was a regular diner at the restaurant and loved the food so much that one day he called up the owner, Paul Adams and offered to invest his time and money in his favorite restaurant.

Rio Ferdinand: Fashion Designer

The former Red Devils centre back confessed some time back that he regularly listens to Jay-Z before his games start to pump him up. With retirement on the horizon, Ferdinand is looking to partner with the rapper and introduce a new clothing line.  Good business move, Ferdy!

Clint Dempsey: Rapper

Most of the football fans around the world know Dempsey as the United States captain and the man who scored the fastest goal at the 2014 world cup (scored after just 32 seconds in the world cup opener against Ghana). But many in America also know him as Emcee Deuce (stage name). He might not be the best wordsmith out there, but he definitely managed to grab some eyeballs with this video where he teams up with rapper XO. The track has some really nice beats.

Eric Cantona: Actor, Model

After he retired in 1997, Cantona took up a career in acting and has starred in several movies and even plays. He made his debut in 1998 in Elizabeth, post which he has made an appearance in more than three films, the most recent being in 2010, where he debuted as a stage actor in a play directed by his wife. Got to admit, we couldn’t recognize him instantly.

Djibril Cissé: DJ

When he is not playing football with SC Bastia in Ligue 1, Djibril Cisse is busy spinning tracks at different nightclubs in France. His alternate profession has also led to altercations with certain individuals.  French club, Montpellier HSC (league champions 2011-2012) was heavily linked with the French striker. However this is what the club’s chairman had to say “‘Cisse? No, it is out of the question. I don’t want a guy who plays DJ in bars,’ said the Montpellier chief.”

Who knows, we might even see him on the beaches of Goa one day spinning his favorite tracks!

That concludes our list for footballers with alternative careers. If you have any one in mind, we’d be ecstatic to hear from you.

Somesh Chandran

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