Footprints and Trails

I tread the paths we dreamt together

slowly, like each step gives me the need to live

for just one step, so I can die on the next

on my way towards the ghost of Past.

I trudged ahead since last snowfall

when houses gave way, and the cold wave

affected words and song.

But the beauty, oh the beauty of it

was that the path was so long.

I could walk till my feet went numb

with yellow rotting trees abandoned

in that desolate, white glory.

Why was it that every time I politely

and hesitatingly refused company

it seemed to put me back a step

or take them one step further?

With the misty breath of my mouth

heading the way, I could see a haze clear away

and feet followed where mind had slept,

still imprisoned in your land

in your dream.

I can see our footprints, frozen like a trail

vanishing as soon as eyes focus too long.

perhaps I moved ahead so much, I came back home.


because this time when the snow came falling

I watched it all alone.

Shruti Rao