Forget It…

‘Forget it!’ A phrase very commonly heard and used, yet not so easy to be implemented. Forgetting something can be as difficult as keeping something in mind. Involuntary as the human mind is, having things its way all the time. After all these years of my life, one thing I have learnt is that only a handful of things are in our control, and ‘memories’ is certainly not one of them. As time passes, frames of past moments tend to develop in our mind subconsciously, and deeply they get embedded, almost making it impossible for us to dismantle them.

Certain memories, of course, are fondly cherished but not all are warmly welcomed to our thoughts. Those unwelcome memories are the ones that haunt our ‘sane’ minds and making us wish to ‘forget’ them, though not possible most of the times.

Life certainly can’t be all bright and beautiful, and it is when those dark moments come, that they leave dark patches on our minds even after going away. One of the characteristics of them being that very often, it’s difficult to distinguish them from the bright looking ones. They camouflage themselves and follow the good ones closely, only to make us feel their bad taste when the goodness of the good tends to wear off. And this is when all darkness reigns, blanketing our minds with all unpleasantness and making it impossible to force them out of the mind.

And though weird, another characteristic is that sometime even the brightest memories are the ones that translate into the darkest ones. They are the ones that are the most hurtful as we have the tendency to bring back the bright memories, not realizing that the darkest ones are attached. But then again! Thinking being involuntary most of the times, we tend to get hurt more often than not.

Sintu Rongpipi