‘Freedom’ for Self

The very first word that comes to mind when one thinks about ‘life’ is freedom, but one doesn’t have time to just get out and grab that ‘freedom’ for self because each one of us is busy making a life.

No one cares to just stay, look and think, what is the rush for? Because each person, whether young or not, has been pushed into the race of making it best for themselves. But lets just ask ourselves, while we sit and study or do office work for hours , is it us we are working for and if it’s me that I’m working for, then when will be the time to not work for self and do something upon which I don’t have to think much, or rather just relax and sink into.

While being kids, have to study because neighbour’s kid is scoring more than we have done. On being a teen, we have to work hard to get into a college the ‘other’ kid has got into. On being a man, get a job because those of our age have started earning. If comparisons are there to make what you want of yourself then why dream, lets just all start comparing ourselves with one-another.

It is not being good in what you’ll get but being fair in what you have. Comparison kills creativity. To keep creativity alive you have to stand for what you have rather than what you’ll get.

There might be chances of getting a hiked pay in doing something you never had passion for, but again passion is the driving force to attain the ultimate pay from life and that is happiness. Why do something you are not interested in and run in pursuit of the happiness that might never be yours, rather keep your passion alive and let it drive to your happiness that will be with you for life.

Make your own path so that when you run for the dreams, you are already guided to you ultimate goal.

Make the best of what you have, be creative.

Vaibhav Devgan