#FreeIndia: Some Fond Memories

It has been 67 year to India’s independence, and sure, in these many years the country has had an array of experiences; sometimes low and at other times, high. With the raging fire of nationalism and smoldering patriotism, India has fought battles with China (1962) and Pakistan (1947, 1965, 1971, 1999). The nation has faced humiliation at the international community for its inability to fight poverty and income inequality. It has been a target of many terrorist attacks while facing internal disharmony within the country itself as it has undergone a tumult of clash between communities.

On the other hand, it has seen the highest of highs. From being a completely crippled economy in the late 1940s, India is today known to be an emerging power with its name being on the list of the rising powers in the global political-economic world order. From being a colony of the British Empire, it is now the largest democracy in the world. It is known, across the globe as a symbol that stands for unity in diversity.

Amid such circumstances, Indians have had a wonderful life, albeit some tensions from time to time, under free India. While #FreeIndia has been trending all over Twitter, we want to share a photo series describing our Childhood in a free India.

Let’s find out if you get nostalgic going through this:

The absolute favourite Supandi jokes that appeared in every Tinkle comic

We had it 24*7 in our mouth, chewing like a cow

One of our favourite Doordarshan serials

Even without speech, the show was our ultimate favourite. By the way, did you know that Tom and Jerry have both started talking? The show has lost its charm now.

The only digital game each and every one was addicted to


This Colgate Powder is an ancient history now

Our very own music collection stored in this vintage cassette

We never missed the hilarious argument between the man and his dead wife

These make up some of our warmest memories under free India. What memories do you have saved warm in your heart?

Pallavi sharma

[Image Source: Google]