From Ambition to Aspiration, From Acquiring to Becoming”

With the influx of the main school of values like sincere ambition and a powerful sense of acquisition to back it, the entire concept of aspiration as the touchstone of our character is long gone. Robert Browning once said that “our aspirations are our possibilities” and keeping in mind the non-existence of such aspirations in today’s world where people are hallucinating with the idea of succeeding in all their endeavors, the entire notion of predestination and hard-work, now holds a different meaning altogether.

A major part of this stimulus augments from the demands of city culture where cut throat competition forms an invariably important part of our life and where success to a very large extent serves as a measuring tape for judging our co-beings. Hence to live up to the expectations of the society and to make sure the speedy and immediate growth of one’s own self, people unknowingly plant the seeds of preposterous ambition within themselves which further results in robotic beings driven by the sole agenda of success hampering their mind and tampering their souls.
A noble man compares himself by an idea which is higher than himself; and a mean man, by one lower than his. The one produces aspiration; the other ambition”. This quote by Henry Beecher further substantiates that the absence of aspiration leads to its cheap replica acquisition. Now established as a modus operandi to meet success, ambition has rather become a quality of corruption leading to desires and expectations of nothing but the best and everything pristine.

It tends to create and craft deceptive ideas which then lead to the catastrophe of humanity. Famous 19th century poet John Keats concretes this particular viewpoint by saying ‘’I would sooner fail than not to be among the greatest”. This statement helps us to further empathize how due to our very own ambition we create an alternative veracity about our own capabilities and failing the same, lead to morally disheartening circumstances. This entire concept of either all or nothing only helps to amplify the follies of people by giving way to greed and in the absence of required fruit – to wrath. This creates an eclectic fissure, thereby expunging the once existing virtue of uphill struggle and aspiration.
In stark opposition to mere success lies the discipline of aspiration, propagated by determination, resolve and spirit. Concerned with the attainment and accomplishment of certain structures and positions, with a strong backing by self-interest, fondness and passion for the required domain of knowledge, aspiration is a classical concept which has begun to lose its shine due to the new ranging mania of success lurking in the mind of the youth.
Therefore, ambition, and its main theme of acquisition, which is touted as the new ideal of an increasingly materialistic world is prescribed as an indispensable prerequisite for ‘success’ and has long erased the virtue of aspiration from the minds of our youth. Hence the perfect call for the youth of today shall be: (in the words of H.Jackson Brown, Jr.):

“May your dreams defy the laws of gravity?”
Ankita Rohatgi

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