From Student To Professional

(It has been a year and so since I joined this corporate world and my entire world turned upside down. It was like a big shock coming in jitters. My whole life turned different. There was so much to learn, after completing 17years of education. I still felt raw and unpolished. And life was giving me punches quite tight and I had to bear them and come forth. I was not the one to give up but deep inside my heart sobbed at times and came with lines that describe how life underwent transition.)

Walking down the lane

Thinking about the transition

And the difference in the two worlds

I felt so completely insane.

Wow!! What times were they

When worries won’t come our way,

Would enjoy the dawn, would party till dusk

So fragile were our hearts as seeds in husk.

Exciting experiences, all the moments would be

So defining a history, every jiffy would be,

Thrilling were the charms, when freely in the air

We would swirl our arms, for nothing we cared.

All the times, exuberance was the only feel

Friends, chats, food court or congregations,

Be it a viva-voce or an examination

Every act was full of zeal.

Duties we never bothered about

Rights were something we would always ask for,

So many fibs and so many roundabouts

But at the end together we would hangout.

Not so late but not even so soon

An autumn comes and invades your room,

When “ THE 90⁰ SHIFT” takes your life away

And you miss the times you swayed.

Suddenly you feel the punches of life

All so dejected you put yourself in strife,

Strolling by the roadside

You retrospect and wonder the future of the ride.

All seems so changed

From A-Z you have to arrange,

Of the meal at times you would not be sure of

Just once a day, you would scoff.

Expressions changed, impressions too changed

A cappuccino was not leisure anymore,

A candid chat was not candid by now

Watch your words, rather entering a row,

At the end either you go or the ego.

Innocence is gone, gone is the spontaneity

Even by now, if wisdom has not knocked the door,

Be sure not to fall flat on floor

Because reputation is something that might not come by serendipity.

And the worse it becomes when people come and greet

“Congrats dear, you have progressed well and we need a treat”,

On listening to what you feel even more depressed

And reclining you go back on the seat.

The cards flipped, the laughs clipped

And you know it is not gonna be a holy dip,

When you suddenly wide open your mouth and let it rip

Because of the thought, “destiny pipped”.

(The 90⁰ SHIFT, cards flipped- refers to the change in the shape of the id cards as in college they are rectangular and in office vertically rectangular.)

Karanvir Gupta