From The Bus’ Window…

It was 5:50 a.m. and I had just returned from my Out of Station assignment. To my surprise, I had to stand for 10 mins to find a seat. Probably the weekend hangovers, when people come from their spot lil vacations. But as I always crave, I could get that favourite window seat of mine. Ahhh!! What a relief..! I don’t know though, what it was that prevailed at that instant, that my mind wanted to explore the world through this prism…The Bus’ Window. Who can deny his heart/mind, and so couldn’t I. The lens of my eyes started peeping in through this window.

One thing you could easily spot was many souls lying half naked on the pavements shrinking themselves to the blankets of their arms to cover them up and protect them from the cool breeze of the morning. Next thing that my lens could not stop capturing despite of privacy issues was the people attending the call of nature in open. Huh… how, seriously how can they do that? I had forgotten for a while that our country has a huge population who do not have access to civic amenities.

I accepted the fact and started exploring other views and angles. My lens hear could hear enchants, bells ringing in unison and my heart readily accepted this as this is India and 6:20 is the time when temples are visited by if not every but every second citizen.

Next thing my lens could capture was the trucks and goods wagon unloading the fresh vegetables and vendors all over doing the ablutions of the place around and arranging things in order, doing that first worship of the day expecting a good deal for the day. Then just within the seconds, they start shouting too as if hooting for some cricket match.

The bus had halted at one of the intermittent bus stops and my lens captivated men on high ladders fixing a poster. Probably it was the part of the political campaign going on in the city those days and workers of each party won’t leave any stone unturned to fix the banners and stuff at the most catchy points and commendable reaches of the city.

And finally bus reached the IT Highway near my destination. I could see the slogged faces coming from their clients’ need of the nights-hmmm-I mean people working in night shifts for their client requirements. I could also see people just coming from their beds as it is and hurrying up to their offices. People say (with all complacence) “My son/daughter is working in an IT Company”, as if he/she has won the world, don’t know they have become slaves again, this time to US.

And after travel of one and half hour, my bus stops at the destination, conductor tells me “Sir, the stop has come”. He doesn’t know that my lens has captured India of one and half hour and my mind is still struggling to compile the negatives of the print and adjust the panoramic view taken of the prism “The Bus’ Window”. The print might not be sharp and bright but it’s colourful. I shut my lens and moved homewards to recharge the batteries.

Karanvir Gupta