From The Land Of Kama Sutra, Presenting Censorious SEX

sex education

A young kid merely aged 8, would innocently ask the parents, ‘where does babies come from?’, a death glare is exchanged between the parents, there is pin drop silence, the kid is staring at the parents with curious bulging out eyes, the parents decide to tell her the concept. They explain her everything but the truth.

Sex. It is much more than the sexual activity people indulge into, with time there can be a new regressive definition for the term ‘sex’. Sex is a topic we all are inhibited to discuss about, it is a taboo which when raised might lead to a catastrophe wherein the reply is humanly impossible. Yes, sex is something we do, but we are too shy to speak of it. Taking ‘ kids should get their own experience’ to another misinformed level.

As per a recent BMC report, the rate of abortion under-15 teens has risen to 144% over the past three years. According to the data collated from registered MTP (medical termination of pregnancy) centres, 34,790 women underwent medical or surgical abortion in 2015-16. That is a 13% jump from 2014-15. Intriguingly, teen pregnancy saw a sharp rise only in the under-15 category as their numbers jumped from 111 to 185 and finally 271 over the last three years.


Well, these stats really shocked me and it also showcases the kind of emphasis the authorities put on sex education. The alarming rate of pregnancies among the teens exhibit the lack of awareness about contraceptives that the authorities have failed to create.

India happens to be the second most populous country in the world, and still ironically, the parents, teachers, policy makers are blatantly ignoring the need to talk about sex. Well, when people are still scared to say vagina, penis, boobs, its not surprising why there is not enough awareness about the concept of sex.

Sex is everywhere, be it in films, televisions, or the internet. All this tends to initiate the curiosity among the kids, when they already find the concept of sex intriguing enough to google upon it. Why is there such reluctance among the kids to ask about these things to their teachers or parents, rather than just googling about it? Why is there such a disinclination?

It must be understood that unguided and misinformed sex will eventually lead to unhealthy sexual practices, which would implicate the physicality of those involved. They might end up suffering from some disease, which they won’t even talk about and would harm themselves further, both physically and mentally.

For the country that is the home-ground for world-renowned Kama Sutra, such bigotry standards don’t fare well. We have kept sex on a pedestal for over 4000 years, why are we so fussy now?


Sex education does not teach children how to have sex at an early age. It teaches them about the physiological, social, and biological aspects of leading a healthy sexual life in the future. This encompasses not only the physical act of sex, but also – gender identity, physical changes, consent, awareness about sexual abuse, birth control measures, and prevention of AIDS and STDs.

Let us be informed and inform others. Once the dust from the topic is removed, one can expect to unearth further dusted ‘tabooed’ topics, for instance, the lack of seriousness among the male gender to use protection, while forcing the female partner to pop pills after pills. (Just saying)

People will indulge in the act of sex whether they are informed about it or not, it is time to make them aware of the intricacies involved in sex. Ignoring it won’t simply make it go away.

Yugansha Malhotra

Image Sources:

The Viewspaper