From Vows To Woes, How Couples Cheat

#LoveGoneSourThere are many instances, wherein the love between a pair goes wrong. It can be as simple as a fight over food, or as dramatic as forced separation initiated by parents. There are many cases when the couples has no say in the course of their relationship, and their love sadly succumbs to peer pressure. We all know what eventually happens to the couples if they marry someone from different caste or religion. They are pursued and killed mostly, and it gives rise to what we call, either honor killing or the infamous Love Jihad.

Moving on, all these things are somehow justifiable in the essence that the course of the relationship is not defined by people who are in it. No matter how wrong it is, its existence can be catered to the ‘morally and culturally’ strong spectrum of society, who collate love with nothing but religion and caste. The demise of love in such cases is due to the orthodox, judgmental and highly insensitive society. Yes, the same society we all love to hate.

Now, apart from such couples who are faced with such unjust end, there are many couples who have no one to blame but each other for the end of their much shared and once-cherished love. People consciously cheat on their partner, and thus, hide their infidelity with some excuse or a certain circumstance. Relationships are based on emotions, and logic fails its existence, almost every time. And, justifying an act like this with some excuse or reason, is just bizarre.

I have known people who have cheated on their partners either consciously or under the influence of alcohol. And understanding how intense a relationship can be, irrespective of its duration, I know that infidelity is inexcusable. There can be no excuses whatsoever to defend something that is wrong and unethical from the start. How can one ruin the essence of a relationship, come what may?

Relationships are so tricky, and often so troubling. One minute, everything is fine and the people involved are sharing things with each other and the next minute, the sharing just gets extended to the entertainment of a third party.

There have been many debates as to the meaning of cheating, and where should the line be actually drawn. For me, there are two kind of cheating- physical and emotional.

The physical aspect of the cheating is worldly agreed upon and is not so controversial in nature, apart from the obvious. It must be shattering and quite burdensome, to hide and commit such an act towards a partner who has done nothing but love you with all his/her heart. It is just saddening, how some people find it easy to just throw away the beauty of a relationship, for something as exciting and casual as sex. I don’t cater much importance to the enigma attached with sex, and thinking that it’s okay for it to be casual. But once in a relationship, this cheating cannot be acceptable and there is no excuse for it.

I don’t understand, if being horny or sexually excited is the reason for many to commit such infidelity, why not just masturbate?

The next aspect of cheating is the more controversial and highly unregulated one, that is, emotional cheating. How would it feel that someday your partner decides to cozy up about their feelings with someone else, while excusing you from such a task? Imagine, your partner not sharing about his/her daily up’s and down’s, just because they have found a better substitute. No longer will the person tell you about his/her passion or daily hassles, or would rant out about their lives with you, isn’t it shattering?

It shatters the level of intimacy and comfort, which should have never been compromised in the first place. The reason for such affair isn’t a one-time thing, it is more of recurrent one. Recurrent enough to demolish one from within.

As far as I am concerned, I would feel betrayed more if my partner decides to share his emotions with someone than his body. Excuses no-bar, cheating is cheating, and there are no by laws of it, at least, none in my dictionary.

Yugansha Malhotra

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