Front Door Locks

It is highly essential that you choose front door locks that are secure. The front door locks you choose should be strong and should have a unique key. Having flimsy front door locks can cost you heavily. If your front door locks aren’t secure, then you are inviting burglars into your house. Be practical and spend a little more on front door locks.

The “front door” locks should also be aesthetically pleasing. You can find a large variety of front door locks in the market now. They are available in brass, steel, iron and bronze usually. Door locks can have various designs on them. It is important that you choose one that looks good and in case your house has a general theme or feel to it then try fitting the door lock design accordingly.

Multi lever front door locks are also recommended. Front door locks with unique computer generated keys are also great in terms of security. If possible make a duplicate key of the original key and keep it in a safe place to avoid being locked out. No point having super secure front door locks when you’ve lost the key. A lot of these front door locks come with a set of duplicate keys.

There are places like Shani Singapur in Maharashtra(India) where no one ever locks their front doors. No one, I mean no one uses front door locks there. It is believed that the residing deity will protect them from any kind of theft. They believe that the person who even tries stealing will be eternally damned and vaporized immediately. So unless you live in a place where the gods are looking after your security I suggest you spend on your front door locks wisely. In case God someday decides to go on a break you have a back up saving you from unwanted intruders.