Fukushima Fifty – On Suicide Mission

Can anyone tell me what happened to the “Fukushima Fifty”? Have they been able to make it back home safely? I’m not getting any news about these ‘braveheart’ people because the whole day and night Indian media is talking about one thing – IPL4 (Indian Premier League -4) and before that it was Cricket World Cup. It’s been almost a month since Japan is undergoing nuclear crisis and the Indian print and electronic media is talking only about Cricket as if nothing is happening in rest of the world or nothing else matters in India. What about Arab revolt?  (There are bigger issues and problems to be solved than just sticking to cricket for the whole year. By the way, cricket is only played by handful countries.)

In case you don’t know about “Fukushima Fifty”, let me tell you a bit. These “Fukushima Fifty” were the people, who decided to stay in the damaged Fukushima (Japan) nuclear power plant to save countless people, people whom they won’t even know in their whole life, they preferred to stay on the crippled nuclear plant when it was almost sure everyone who will stay back on the damaged nuclear power plant will die or will face severe lifelong consequences of staying back. Now, I don’t have any doubt why other nations envy Japan!

They were called “Fukushima Fifty” because originally 50 people decided to stay back in order to save the nation from another Hiroshima and Nagasaki but later on more people joined them and finally number rose to more than 700 and they are still working in shift day and night. Out of these 2-3 people were dead, about 20 people were injured and many others were severely exposed to the radiations on the last report I read on 18th March, 2011. (I’m not even getting any news about these brave people on the internet!)

Can you believe few of these “Fukushima Fifty” were in 20s and 30s; few others were going to retire from their job in few months. I’d read their emotional messages that they left for their families and shed tears. Prime Minister of Japan Naoto Kan referred to these “Fukushima Fifty” as “Prepared for Death” I sincerely salute them for their clarity of mind and their heroic work. Everyone can take lessons from these heroes, i.e. what it takes to be a hero – hard work, dedication, sacrifice, clarity of mind and what not? How many of us would have volunteered them to this suicide mission? I wish and pray that”Fukushima Fifty” make it back home safely.

Pardeep Attri

Image Source: [http://im.rediff.com/news/2011/mar/19fukushima1.jpg]