Furious 7: Watch It For Paul Walker


With an extraordinary opening, the Fast and Furious franchise has released its seventh and final installment. A brand of its own, Furious 7 has been released internationally and that too, in 3D.  A brand of its own, Furious7 is raging all guns blazing worldwide. With its death-defying stunts, ludicrous one-liners, family culture, superhuman cars, and Paul Walker, the movie is nothing less than spectacular.

Out to avenge his younger brother Luke, the plot revolves around the former Black ops operative, Deckard Shaw. Dom, Brian and the gang is at the brink of disaster once again and the movie is all about the chase. Shaw’s escape from the hospital, Han’s killing in Tokyo and the simultaneous bomb explosion, destroying Toretto’s house – all leave you sitting right at the edge of your seat. Apart from the chasing cars, the scene in which the crew skydive in their cars and land rather safely on the mountain road is one of the best ever stunts that the entire series has showcased till now.

Turning the laws of Physics topsy-turvy, Furious 7 leaves you gasping and sighing all at once. The emotional heft that pervades throughout the movie is the fact that it is Paul Walker’s last and final appearance on the silver screen. It was during the shooting of this movie that Paul Walker succumbed to a car crash on November 30, 2013. The undercurrent of this rather dark fact has you squirming uncomfortably as you watch Dom drive off the window of a skyscraper into yet another skyscraper and then, another skyscraper.

That speed thrills but also kills is a tinge that runs throughout the reels, and the credits roll out, you cannot help but find refuge into your handkerchief. Paul Walker’s untimely death has been a shock to the entire world, and if you are a fast and Furious movie buff, there is no power in the cosmos that can console the loss you are going to feel when you watch the movie. With Walker’s brothers, Caleb and Cody Walker appearing as stand-ins to complete Paul’s remaining scenes, the glare of his absence is dreadfully blinding.

Watch Furious 7, not for the plot, not for the chasing cars and the mind-numbing stunts but for Paul Walker. For he once said, “If one day speed kills me, do not cry because I’m smiling.”

Sangeeta Purkayastha

Image Source: The Viewspaper