Furry Friends

I do not own a pet, all thanks to my mother who has threatened to throw me out of the house if I bring one. So I just hang around people who do. Thankfully, I don’t have to look far since my uncle staying on the ground floor of our house owns a Dalmatian while two of my close friends own Golden Retrievers. Well, pugs and spaniels can easily give this breed fierce competition in the ‘cuteness’ quotient but for companionship, I think they rank highest.

I feel, dogs are God’s way of examining the self -control of humans. You can defend yourself from the good looks of a hot girl but once you fall for the eyes of the puppy, well, you are enslaved. Emotional blackmailing comes naturally to them. The one owned by my friend has mastered this art perfectly, Whenever it does something wrong, it gives that “how can you scold a poor/cute thing like me” look. And well, this is not a rare occasion since at practically every minute of the hour some worldly necessity gets chewed out of existence – a plastic bottle, pieces of clothing, cushions, you name it! But then, no one seems to be complaining perhaps because they are the best drugs of happiness that one can inject into one’s life. Boyfriends can betray you, parents may not have faith in you, you may have cheated upon someone, but no matter what, you are not judged before the lick of love! Dogs’ love is such that it is unconditional and self sufficient. Nothing beats a warm furry snuggle after a hard day of mundane work.

Therefore, after receiving so much from them, if one wants to indulge a little, I do not think there is any harm. I have enjoyed myself at their birthday parties and I also love the fact that affordable dog-salons are coming into existence in several cities. People may sneer, but I do not find anything wrong in indulging and pampering our furry friends…

I have been hooked to Animal planet ever since I was a kid and anyone who watches those programmes and anyone who actually has a pet cannot help but know the healing qualities that they have. Pets are actually recommended for people with heart diseases, disabled or old people. In fact, visits are organized to prisons where they interact with the inmates. All this would not have happened if these mutts were not having some great personal impact upon us. It is said that kids who have been around pets grow up to be more sensitive and caring individuals.

While pets can be endearing and one may love animals, one must remember that pets are not all about snuggles and cuddles and watching Air Buddies. They need a lot of caring, from mundane things like cleaning ears and baths to regular visits at the vet. I have seen people buying pets without even considering whether they are ready or notat that point of time, and then sadly making the pet suffer. Everything is always not as glossy as the various advertisements show, more often than not exploiting the cuteness factor. When you have a creature that is vomiting all day and needs special care, something more than an appreciation for “cuteness” is required. They do not deserve this treatment so one must think very carefully before bringing home such a friend! Surely, these devilish blackmailers who are always ready to shower so much affection need good treatment.

Shiny Das


[Image Source: http://flickr.com/photos/markusschoepke/15626434/]