Gaddafi Deeds

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s body was buried in an unmarked grave at dawn on Tuesday at a secret location in the desert, according to Libyan National Transition council thugs.

Is this dignified? Is this respectful? This after they kept him on the floor of a freezer for days.

His son Mutassim and a former aide who were also summarily executed by the rebel scum bags along with Gaddafi were also buried, probably in an attempt to hide evidence of their crimes.

Rebel fighters in Misrata and the National Transitional Council had been bickering over when and where to bury Gaddafi since Thursday.

The criminal circumstances of Gaddafi’s torture and execution and the disgraceful treatment of his body by the rag tag rebel group have drawn criticism from some foreign observers and earned the condemnation of nations like Russia.

The behavior of the people acting more like rabid dogs than soldiers was rather appaling.

There was no order, no discipline among the fighters. There is no respect for the rule of law or the Geneva Convention. It examples the type of government Libyans will have.

Gaddafi’s revenge!

“More people will become nostalgic about Gaddafi’s regime if and when the new regime will not only be able to return the country to the way it was before – minus Gaddafi – but actually if they will not be able to produce the basic living standards that existed under Gaddafi,” Mark Almond, a visiting Professor of International Relations at Bilkent University in Ankara, Turkey predicts.

According to RT television report “Muammar Gaddafi has taken many secrets to the grave, from his involvement in financing Nicolas Sarkozy’s presidential campaign or co-operation with American and British intelligence. But these secrets will not perish, believes the professor.”

Ironically, Gaddafi has taken his secrets to his grave but the shadow of dealing with him cast on the reputation of Tony Blair and Nicolas Sarkozy will follow them for long. Precisely because of this uncertain situation, suspicion will probably only grow,” Almond warns, explaining that after Gaddafi disappeared from the scene, Western leaders who got involved in murky dealings with the colonel will simply “not be able to prove their innocence.”

As for the vast stockpiles of arms that Gaddafi’s army accumulated over the years, including anti-air portable missile launchers? These will wind up in Africa and Europe in the hands of criminal organizations and terrorist groups, as happened 20 years ago after the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia, when criminal gangs around Europe got as much additional firepower as they wanted at bargain basement prices.

The United States, Russia and European countries provided large quantities of arms to Libya before the US decided to go ahead with regime change in that country to get after Libyan oil supplies. These weapons turned up missing and unaccounted for when the US started arming Al-Qaida linked rebels and bombing the hell out of Libya in their effort to destabilize the nation.

Today Libya faces the very real possibility of civil war if it can’t get their act together. All indication they will be unable to do that anytime soon. In the meantime the US is pouring millions of dollars into Libya under vague promises of the respect and rule of law – “Sharia law”…

Robert Tilford