Gadget Review – Sony VAIO Z Series

The Sony VAIO Z Series is an apple to the eye, the best you can get with bright and vivid colours. It is an alluring combo of technical features like a 13 inch screen, an inch thick machine, a speedy Intel Core i5 processor, 1600* 900 resolution LED screen, exceptional graphics and an optional blue ray drive. This series manages a great deal of ports like three USB’S, Memory stick & SD card, a VGA, HDMI, Express Card/34 slot and Ethernet.

Design and Keypad

Starting with the looks and design of this gadget, it simply looks amazing and extremely sleek. It has a metallic framework with a very eye catching green power button on the right in a circular case. Further, even with a silver carbon fibre case and an aluminium keyboard, the weight of the notebook is very light. It uses minimal space and can be slid into a shoulder bag anytime.

Sony has always been different with the style of keypad and its well spaced and thin keys make it extremely attractive. In this version, the keyboard is backlit and is made upon a light sensor. The touchpad is quite large and the fingerprint reader is adjusted in between the keys. The speakers are quite powerful and less visible, located above the ‘Esc’ and the ‘Delete’ keys.

Battery and Processor

Owing to its 2.53 GHZ Intel Core i5-540 M processor and 4 GB RAM, the laptop offers brilliant performance. It works at an exceptionally fast speed, and manages different applications together effectively. This speed is also due to the 192 GB of solid state storage (a 64 GB and a 128 GB drive). Now talking about the battery life, the Z series runs for 4 hours and 25 minutes with the discrete graphics turned off. The Auto mode option pulls the AC adapter automatically to save battery life by switching to the IGP. Further, the system runs very cool which is quite a change from the ‘furnace–like’ bottom of other laptops.

This device is not very good for gaming applications but it still a decent option. It supports majority of games and mainly those ones which don’t stress too much on the processing. It works perfectly with even the hardcore gamers, if the graphic settings are set at a medium or low level.

Personal Opinion

After buying Sony VAIO Z Series, my life has become easier. Owing to its appreciative battery life and portable nature, it’s easier to continue with the important work during travelling. Its lightening fast speed processing saves immense time and makes my work easier and interesting. The bright graphics, multimedia options and attractive colors captures attention all the time and keep me glued to the gadget. Further, it is a solution to all my problems, as it accomplishes all my tasks on the right time with a winning performance. Now you can watch HD movies very easily, owing to the various connectivity options.. This is an exclusive and expensive combination of style, elegance and performance. So go, grab your status symbol right now!

Suvidha Bhatnagar