Gadget Review – The Apple iPod Touch

I recently purchased the iPod Touch, the latest in the iPod series, by Apple. My first reaction on holding it and using it was: “Is there anything that this lump in my hand can’t do?”

Sleek, slim and shiny – the rectangular shaped iPod Touch has rounded edges and a multiple touch display. To put it simply, in absolute layman’s language, it looks like a shiny black rectangle that, when you touch it – magic happens. It  has a small escape/home button below the touch display. This third generation iPod Touch, released in September 2009, is the latest model. It has external volume controls, an inbuilt speaker and a shiny contoured mirror-like back. It comes with headphones that have inbuilt microphones. It is available in 8 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB memory sizes.

Perhaps, the most amusing thing about the iPod Touch is its endless list of features and capabilities – to serve as an ‘electronic slave.’ Besides playing music, it can do numerous other things. You want a job done? You name it and it will get it done for you.

Want to catch up with your friends on Facebook? The iPod Touch is wifi-enabled and has quite a fast browser – Apple’s very own ‘Safari.’ It even supports an iPod Touch- and iPhone- customized Facebook application, which is very convenient to use. Having a busy day and could do with remembering a few things? Recording voice memos – is a touch away. Bored and want to watch videos on YouTube? YouTube videos are again a touch away, as long as you are sitting in a wifi-enabled zone. Your iPod Touch will play you videos from YouTube and the buffer speed is reasonably fast! Or, do you simply feel like surfing the internet? Open ‘Safari’ and browse at astonishing internet speeds! Besides the above, you can access your email, keep track of your calendar schedules, store photos and contacts, get updates on stocks, view maps and check the weather.

I am personally addicted to a game called Farmville, which I used to play using my Facebook account, on my laptop. Now, with my new iPod Touch, I can be a “farmer on the go” and tend to my crops wherever I am! Similarly, I’m hooked on to the internet poker game on Facebook. Again, I get to carry the game around with me and play poker with live players from around the world, using only my iPod Touch, with my clever poker strategies, of course! Besides these games, there are thousands of other games to download from the Apple application store, directly accessible from my iPod Touch. I can instantly download games like FIFA 2010, Ferrari racing games and many others like The Simpsons Arcade game, Paper Toss, Traffic Rush, Froggy Jump – well I just named some of my favorite games. But, there are tons more to interest every age group of gamers!

Besides the games, there is just about every application or utility that I can think of. If I  want to play with some water, I just open an application that shows me water flowing on my screen. I move my fingers on the screen and that creates ripples in the water. It is absolutely realistic. Similarly, there are tons of applications that let me draw with my fingers and in different styles at that – glow draw, chalk draw, spray can draw, graffiti, etc. I can draw my favourite drawings and send them, in an instant, as an email, to all my friends.

I still haven’t mentioned the actual iPod functionality of the iPod Touch! Mine is a 64 GB iPod Touch in which I can endlessly store my music, my music videos and even movies! It’s very convenient and exciting to be able to take my music with me  and watch movies, no matter where I am. Wonderful moments are created every minute, thanks to the iPod Touch!

The iPod Touch is a ‘must-have’ for every tech-savvy person. Like I mentioned before, there isn’t anything that your iPod Touch can’t do.

Harshini Shanker

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