Gadgets Set To Launch: Your Next Purchase?


We are living in an age of smartphones (and now, also smartwatches) with sole dependence on technology. Be it looking up the full form of ALS or booking a flight home for Diwali, absolutely nothing can be done without gadgets. Personally, it is unimaginable to think of living at a time without laptops, smartphones and most importantly, internet, let alone the Stone Age. While gadgets like smartphones are viewed as luxuries, it is gradually starting to emerge as “luxurious necessities”, especially in the metropolitan cities. Whether a student or a business tycoon, none can do without these luxurious necessities; physically and mentally being dependent on them.

Every time a new gadget is out in the market, one palpably feels the urgency to get hold of the latest big sale. Being a part of this age is as worrisome as being a part of a cult, yet you cannot do without it.

Do, to brighten up that cult, here are some of the most exciting gadgets that are coming out soon:

Apple iPhone 6 is definitely the most awaited gadgets of 2014 and it is going to be released very soon. According to news reports, Apple has sent out invitations for the launch of iPhone 6 to be held on September 9, 2014. Rumour also has it that Apple, along with iPhone 6, will be launching a smartwatch. However, the company is keeping up with its reputation of being secretive, as the company has refused to disclose any details as to what is in store for September 9. Smartwatch or not, iPhone 6 is definitely the next big thing for the generation of smartphones.

Motorola Moto 360 is a smartwatch that is being awaited with much anticipation, even posing a credible challenge to Apple’s iWatch, which is being speculated to release in October this year. Releasing close to Apple’s launch of the iPhone 6, Moto 360 is also likely to be available in the markets sometime in September this year.

BlackBerry Passport with its intriguing, attractive and elegant look is surely one gadget that will take the smartphone-rs by a toll. Passport is the name given by BlackBerry to its latest smartphone which is expected to come out in a square shape, almost in the shape of a passport. The keyboard is said to be its key feature which will function through “swipes”. As intriguingly bizarre as that sounds, most are excited about BlackBerry’s new innovation that is unconventional and stylish. Passport is also expected to be launched sometime in September.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is another smartphone that is being looked forward to. With the kind of success that came with the sale of Galaxy Note 3, the producers are hoping that Galaxy Note 4, with added features, will surpass its predecessor. The smartphone will have a 5.7 inch screen, which might make the gadget look even like a tablet. The official release date of Galaxy Note 4 is going to be announced on September 3.

Google Nexus Tablet is thought to be a gadget that is being worked on by Google and HTC. As per the rumours, Nexus Tablet will have a super-sharp screen display, aluminum devise and will run on Android L. There is no word as to when the gadget will be launched, but it is believed that it will be out in the market this year itself.

So, which one of these is going to be your next purchase?

Pallavi Sharm

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