Gadgets that lie to us Everyday!

Here are a few of the gadgets, which have consistently lied to us! Read and make sure they do not deceive you yet again!

  • Fuel Gauges: It is generally believed that when the petrol tank in our cars is full, the needle, points at the F mark otherwise at E! This, however, is amongst the greatest myths that the Drivers have had for a while now! For the first 50 miles or so, the needle hardly moves! However when there are the last few traces of petrol left, it points at being completely empty! Thus the needle is intrinsically deceptive. It is fine if your car needle is pointing at an E, you still have a few liters in reserve!

  • Scales: Generally, a weighing machine is merely 80% accurate! Most of the scales in hospitals, airports and at homes are deceptive! It has been noted by the University of North Carolina that every scale carries with it a 20% margin of error! So the next time you weigh yourself, make sure that you deduct the 20% margin of error!

  • Office Thermostat: Apparently, 90% of Office Thermostats do absolutely nothing! It is just a psychological block that a thermostat would regulate the ‘climatic conditions in the office’! It is just a perception of the body that the thermostat is regulating the temperature, when actually it does nothing!

  • GPS Systems: We rely on the GPS to bring us back on track whenever we seem to have been lost in the cities! However, the GPS systems are accurate only upto 1 meter of radius! We may have put a lot of faith in them, however they are unable to grasp the human elements or the scary cliff roads! According to a survey, nearly 290,000 drivers in UK met with an accident after following the navigations given by the GPS Technology!

  • Blood Pressure Machine: The old swear by this and the young are increasingly becoming a prey to this! With the stress levels rising and the temperaments going haywire for the people today, blood pressure detectors seem to be the only best friend! However, do the machines record the actual pressure at all? According to a report, the instrument gives wrong details by 4mm of Hg (pressure units)! Thus don’t get scared off by the units, they are deceptive!

  • Cell phone: Cell phones are the biggest liers to us! The phones display that they have been charged a 100% but they are actually at a 90% battery life!  A mobile phone when put up for charging goes to the sleep mode after charging itself upto 90%! No wonder excessive use of the same kills the battery in no time!