Who is Gandhi? Or rather what is Gandhi?
Are you mad? You don’t know Gandhi? He is the father of nation. We got independence because of his efforts. He alone stood against the atrocities of British and defied their laws. And thus we are here today breathing free air. He is my favorite leader. Even in school, when I had to write an essay on my favorite leader I wrote on Mahatma Gandhi. And remember Gandhi market. A new shop has opened there. It has got a good collection of kurtis. That reminds me of khadi. Gandhi used to spin wheel and he boycotted foreign clothes. He promoted khadi. Actually khadi nowadays is in fashion. They have got this lovely showroom of khadi stuff at Gandhi road. But it is very costly. Actually it is a very posh area. All Gandhians live there. Remember that well dressed lady who was a part of debate on Gandhi and his relevance today on a news channel. She lives there only. She was wearing a lovely silk saree. She made her point very clear. Gandhi and his principles can never be outdated. And of course one must never lie. I got so engrossed in watching that programme that I forgot to do my assignment on Gandhi. Give me yours. I will copy it down. Teacher will never come to know. If he says anything I will complain about him. Remember what Gandhi said. Never stand injustice. Of course
It’s no cheating. Come on. I am not Gandhi.
When is the next holiday? I guess it’s on 2nd October. Gandhi jayanti. That day the greatest son of India was born. You have any plans? We can go out. Oh! I can’t come. I just remembered that they will be showing Richard Attenborough’s Gandhi on TV. What a great man Gandhi was.  Even Hollywood made a full blown film on him. Not like Mallika Sherawat. She had blink a miss role in Jackie Chan’s movie. He must be really famous man. He should have been born now. He would have wiped all the corruption and nepotism from the system. Great man. God bless his soul…

Madhulika Khanna