Gandhinian thought -‘Need of the hour’.

When I look around me, I see a country lying helpless in the pool of grievances and sorrows caused by insidious terrorist attacks, rampant corruption, ever increasing poverty, regular communal riots, miseries caused by severe floods (which seem to be worsened by bad administration) and many other such things which seem to be straight out of Pandora’s Box. The magnitude and severity of these problems is such that it seems that all of us are heading towards some dystopia. The most striking thing is that, such is the state of a nation which recognizes Mahatma Gandhi, who was an epitome of virtues like non- violence and truthfulness, and was regarded as ‘The Father of the Nation.’

Let’s have a look on how much his own countrymen have followed his ideals. As we all fondly remember, Gandhiji had only two weapons- satya and ahimsa. Gandhiji believed that truthfulness is the mother of all virtues and it’s a must for everyone. But today, the very fabric of truth seems to be tainted to an extent that the very definition of the term is lost. I understand that there will be always be things which will face contradiction .but these days every fact or news seems to clearly defy the set principles. I would like to quote some examples to prove my argument:-

While the Noida police and CBI tried hard to solve the mystery of the widely publicized Aarushi-Hemraj murder case, myriads of stories kept coming up. Media worked day and night to solve the case too. But even after months of investigation and slight hints, ‘The Truth’ is still under wraps.

It leaves me astounded when I realize that we are living in times when police encounters and investigations are mostly fake. Recently Delhi police conducted a raid in Jamia Nagar when they were on the look out for terrorists and the police force unfortunately lost one of its most able officers. But now both the afore-mentioned facts are under scanner. On the other hand, people are trying to challenge the entire encounter and the credibility of the police officer is also being questioned who was previously being tagged as a martyr. Amidst all this, no one knows ‘The Truth’.

There are scores of other examples too which adequately prove that ‘The Truth’ is almost at the verge of extinction. There are numerous rumors doing the rounds in all various sectors of our society. Techniques like brain -mapping and narco-analysis are being tested to bring out ‘The Truth’. All I can say is that in the present day and age there is my truth, there is your truth but no one knows the address of The Truth!!

Now let’s see how much we have imbibed the notion of non violence with which Gandhiji won the fierce battle of independence for his people. Our situation is worsening with bomb blasts happening almost every alternate day. These so- called terrorists are not any aliens. Many of them are our own people who have vouched to brutally kill random innocent people.

The recent horrific attacks on the Christian community in Orissa following the murder of some Hindu leader are pathetic. Some people have been on a rampage since August. Almost everyday, some or the other girl is facing an attack from a frenzied lover or people murdering their own kin over money matters. All this compels me to say that Gandhiji should not be called ‘Father of the nation’ anymore because his children are no more brothers and sisters.

There have been multitudes of schemes introduced in Gandhiji’s name and hardly any of them have been religiously implemented, due to lackadaisical administration and rampant corruption. Since the problems are so many; no single person can do anything. An attempt from each one to always be right and just can only do the trick. I know it sounds ultimately utopian but Gandhi not as man but as a thought is the need of the hour. It’s time to do something which all of us never even tried to do. Let’s all walk a mile into our own moccasins and try to think like our common Father and absorb all his ideals and strengths.

Srishti Gupta