Gandhism: Theory or Practice

Boycott of foreign products, usage of swadeshi goods, the dandi march, quit India movement, non corporation, non-violence, simple living…..sounds quite irrelevant today,doesn’t it? Well, all these were the remarkable movements and teachings given by the father of our nation- Mahatma Gandhi. Like every father he too wanted his children “the Indians” to follow his footsteps and teachings. But do all these teachings hold any significance among today’s generation? Are they bothered enough to even know about them? I guess for most of us the answer would not be in positive.
Gandhi ji was the icon of non-violence. He considered non-violence as the basis of struggle and according to him every battle could be won with it. By non-violence he meant doing good continually without the slightest expectation of return. It meant wishing no ill for anyone, not even those who may have wronged you. He opposed all kinds of violence. He devoted his entire life to the service of poor and the distressed. At the time when Gandhiji was alive, people followed him blindly. They had full faith in him and regarded him as the one who could free their country from British Sawaraj. People relied on non-violence to fight their struggle for freedom and most definitely they won.
Earlier gandhism was practiced by people on a large scale with great enthusiasm with the aim of liberating their country from the British rule. as for today i feel gandhism has lost its practical relevance with a lot of violence around and large number of crimes being committed every now n then , without the fear of being caught or punished. However its interesting to note that the fearless or the ‘do-or-die’ attitude still persists among the people. They may have forgotten the basic teachings of gandhism, its just that there is a world of difference between the fearless attitude of our freedom fighters then and the attitude of the culprits today.
Today gandhism has been reduced to mere theory. Its knowledge and relevance is restricted to books only which today’s youth dread reading. They take history as just another subject and mug up answers only because They have to do so, and then they forget. They never try to understand ┬áthe importance of why Gandhiji did what he did, what was the reason behind,how did it lead to the freedom of our country. They are least bothered about these aspects. Also his idea was to boycott the foreign goods and not following them but today its exactly the opposite . Following the west has become the latest trend. Everybody wants to be ultra modern.
After 63 years of Indian independence, India might have achieved a lot in terms of modernization, advancement, urbanization and industrialization but we have left behind our culture and teachings of unity and non-violence. India will have to come forward and lead the world to the path of unity of all nations on the basis of humanity and equality.
Srishti Rana