Ganguly: An Inspirational Tale

As a child, Saurav Ganguly was imaginative and mischievous .But still he was a brilliant student who managed to get time to study as well to enjoy. His inclination during his school days was towards football, which he played during his lunch time and in the evening. He is often described as soft-spoken since those days.

Saurav’s interest for football was bound to be over-powered by atmosphere for cricket prevailing in his family. His grandfather, Sachidananda Chatterjee; his father Chandidas Ganguly and his brother Snehashis were all patron of cricketers.

The passion for cricket in dada’s life can be understood from a small incident where he told a lie at home, that he has a holiday next day, just to accompany his brother to Eden Garden. But his lie was discovered and he learnt the lesson of discipline and honesty both by his mother and teachers. He was an ardent cricket lover and had invented a formula to save time by taking lunch in two tiffins, one to eat during lunch and other on his way back home. This provided him with more time to play cricket.

First success for him as a cricketer at international level was becoming the Man of the Series in the U19 World Cup. His marriage with Dona, a non-Brahmin girl, is a good example of inter-caste marriage. For him, his love was more important than disapproval of his family. He managed to tie a wedding knot with Dona with support of his friends. He says that everybody should have their own space, but the inner respect should always be there.

Just from the beginning in his career, he learnt the lesson of hard work and patience. Even whenever he has been dropped from the Indian side, he always comes back hard. He knows that the answer to criticism lies in giving your best. He is often heard saying that one must not worry about future and live in the present. The amount of success he has achieved inspires us to remain dedicated and devoted to our goal to reach it one day or the other. His role in taking the team to success as a captain must not be forgotten.

So, we must try to imbibe what Dada once said in an interview, “It is what you feel and not what others feel about you that is important. If you start getting influenced by discussion and talks around you, life can get difficult.”

Bhumika Sharma

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