Garage Door Locks

Garage door locks ensure the maximum security of your vehicle or any other expensive tools or equipments which might be stored inside the garage. It is highly unlikely that a burglar would be able to break into your car and steal it, but the other equipments which might be kept inside the garage has always been an attractive catch for the petty thieves and burglars, hence garage door locks. Leaving your garage door unsecured would give an opportunity to the thieves to dig and find everything which might or might not be useful to you.

There are different types of garage door locks available which vary in shape, usability, availability and more than anything else, the level of security it provides. The two basic types of garage door locks come in variants of key entry and keyless entry. Each one of them supports different types of locks. The key locks are the normal types of locks where the lock opens with the help of a key. The keyless electronic door locks gives the user the comfort of not getting out of the car every time he or she wants the garage door to be opened. These locks have an activation-deactivation indicator which confirms whether the lock is active or not. Some of the keyless entry garage door locks also have a code system in which the user has to enter a code to which the door lock opens or closes. In some cases if the wrong code is entered thrice, an alarm sets off.

Different companies are into manufacturing of garage door locks such as Lowes, Ace hardware, Elocksys etc who ensure the strongest and the smartest of the garage door locks. They have locks which can be set up for different types of garage shutters such as roller shutter garage door, folding garage door, steel garage door shutter etc.