Garden Hand Tools

Garden hand tools are one of many tools made for gardens and gardening. The garden hand tools overlaps with the range of tools made for agriculture and horticulture. The hand tools still used by gardeners originated with the earliest agricultural implements used by our ancestors viz the spade, garden hoes, pitchfork, garden forks, garden rakes and the plough.

Five basic garden hand tools you will need before you start gardening:

1) The Garden hoe: One of the first garden hand tools to be used is a gardening hoe. Hoe’s are good for weeding and cultivating the surface of the soil. Cultivation allows the nutrients and water to penetrate the soil.

2) The Garden watering can: Your next garden hand tool should be a watering can. A long nozzle watering can allows water to come out at a very gentle flow and is great for reaching across long distances relative to gardening. Make sure to pick up a watering can that has a detachable spray head. This kind of watering can is excellent for watering seedlings.

3) The Garden shears: You should pick a pair of garden shears that fits comfortably in your hand otherwise gardening may become a painful experience.  Shears, also known as clippers are used for pruning shaping and removing foliage or branches. A small axe works well to cut branches that are too thick to cut with shears.

4) The Garden spading fork: One of the garden hand tools is a spading fork. This helps you to dig and turn up the soil. This hand gardening tool is used to dig down into hard soil and break up the ground.

5) The Garden bow rake: Of all the garden hand tools, a garden bow rake is the most important tool. This tool is used for leveling the soil after it has been turned. This garden tool is used before you start planting, and for removing large chunks of earth or rocks, stones from the soil. You can also turn the bow rake over and use the flat side to smooth the soil before planting.

It has been said by one of the greatest philosophers that ‘if you want to find God, dig for him in the garden’. It is a wonderful way to keep your body well exercised and also to keep yourself mentally fresh. Garden hand tools can be found at any hardware store near your house. There are a plenty books which gives ample amount of garden hand tools information.