Gender Ambiguity

Even after more than 60 years of Indian Independence; India is still shackled and ruled, though not by the Britishers anymore but by the conformist mindsets that resist transformation. Women in today’s world though have made progress are still to cover a lot of ground.

In the past, women were considered fragile thus were given a typical treatment in varied strata of society. The Victorian society kept women away from decision making on the pretext that women are foolish; women were prevented to stand up for a cause i.e., they were never allowed to feel the strength to stand up and voice their opinion, thinking that it may cause harm to their tenuous self. But the unconscious of men always flagged the reason that if women could test these boundaries they would also become potent enough to control mankind. Thus, then perhaps humanity might not be perceived as mankind but “womankind”.

It is reasonably provocative to think that in the gone by days men had to depend on the mere words of their “frail” wives to be certain of the fact that formed the greatest part “great ego”. Their progeny. Until the new technologies of the 21st century came to the limelight men could never be sure “in whose veins their blood ran” and who would “carry forward their ancestral name”. It is well understood the male species is as vulnerable.

Once I heard two men laughing at another’s misery. One of the two men had asked a third  “Is that your kid?” The third one replied “Yes, it seems so. That’s’ what my wife told me”. All burst out laughing.

I did not get the witty part, I accept, but I did realize men have to kill their ego; put aside their doubts for once at least and rely, blind-folded, on their wives.

To ponder over the reasons for women not realizing the power bestowed on them; comes to mind foremost, is perpetually administered – prescribed amount of “unconscious inferiority” rendered through all sorts of medium; example television with its obtuse ads not forgetting the daft serials. It would be amusing to consider why an advertisement of a dishwasher has a female endorser and that of mutual funds or race cars prefer male.

Another peculiar thought finds its way to my mind as I wander on strange grounds, is that when marriage is talked of; after a certain age limit it is a general response ; I quote;” oh! She is not yet married, there must be some flaw”. ” Oh! He’s such an eligible bachelor. It must be difficult to find a complementing match”. The reactionary difference is what arouses my curiosity.

It would not be incorrect to say that her pride, her honor is all well considered for momentarily. The negative dynamics of man has never let women make progress at her own pace. But its’ high time she took over.