Gerber Multi Tool

Finally a Gerber multi tool which caters to all your tool needs and saves you from running around wasting time looking for your tools, a Gerber Flick multi tool.

A Gerber multi tool is a division of Gerber Legendary Blades, a part of the Fiskars Brand who have been into designing high quality consumer knives and multi tools for decades. A Gerber multi tool can be used for a variety of purposes some of the most common being, hunting and camping, house hold work, carpentry, mechanical work, fishing etc.

A Gerber Flick multi tool is one of the latest tools created by Gerber which displays the years of experience and technology used in the making of every Gerber multi tool. This advanced multi tool comes packed in with a lot of outboard tools. A Gerber Flick can be compared to the Gerber Freehand , the difference being that it is much lighter and smaller in size. One of the features which differ from the previous freehand model is that all the features can be accessed from the outside just by pressing a button. Just like any other Gerber multi tool, the plier slides straight out from the end simply by pressing a button. This saves the users from getting their fingers scratched every time they had to open the pliers using their fingers. The plier is designed in a way that it can also be used as a wire cutter. This Gerber multi tool comes featured with 9 different tools with different functions. It features v-cut wire cutters, blunt nose knife, bottle opener, saw, Fiskars scissor, two flat head screwdrivers, Philips screwdriver, fine edged knife and a lanyard ring. All these tools come locked in with the Gerber patented SAF-T PLUS locking system which avoids any kind of mishap.

This Gerber multi tool is small, light, efficient and extremely resourceful for your everyday needs. Even though some of the tools might be a little small, it still remains as one of the best and most effective tool every produced by Gerber.