Getting Chatty with the Suits

The Institute for Competitiveness held the Porter Prize in India for the very first time. In honor of the renowned philosopher; Professor Michael E. Porter, the Porter Prize was established to appreciate and recognize the strategic efforts made by Japanese companies that have made them successful. The award ceremony was held on 28 September at the Leela Kempenski, Gurgaon.

Before the ceremony started we got hold of some of the big guys and asked them what their thoughts were on business, entrepreneurship and the youth of today. Here’s what they had to say:


Anil Gupta

    (CEO, HCL Technologies)

What is entrepreneurship all about?

Entrepreneurship is doing something new; innovative not just for profit. You have to add value, to add value in terms of revenue, profit maybe everything.

What should be the focus of entrepreneurship?

Right now there is a change in youth, they are coming from different institutions. They are going towards different ideas. They should focus towards the country. They should decide for themselves what is the right thing to do.

What would you like to say to the youth?

Follow your heart and do your best.

       Anurag Batra

       (CEO, Exchange4Media) 

What is entrepreneurship all about?

Being a car without a wheel but still running fast.

What is your message for today’s youth?

Don’t lose hair, don’t lose speed, lose bad thoughts.

Ashwani Singla

    (CEO, Penn Schoen Berland)

What is entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneur is a French word. It is about taking an opportunity and turning it into something new, value creating. It is about youth, there are tones of opportunities to explore and turn it into something new.

What should be the focus of entrepreneurship?

It is easy to get carried away with ideas. Large part of entrepreneurship involves perseverance, chasing down what you want. It is about putting your blood sweat and tears into your work. Perseverance with ideas. And there will be dark days. Value is not created by itself. Believe in what you do. Choose the work that gives you happiness. It has to be something you are truly passionate about.

What kind of role models should today’s youth have?

There are no prescriptions for role models; my dad was my role model. Everybody has their own opportunities, however what I like about today’s youth is that they do not want any role model, they want to create their own path. I think the important thing is to have the right kind of values.

What would you like to say to the youth?

Enjoy! Love what you do and persevere with your heart.


Karl Arhedt

    (CEO, UPM Pharmaceuticals)

What is entrepreneurship all about?

Entrepreneurship is about creating new businesses in India. India is the future of world’s economy. It is the nexus for business growth, GDP growth for the next 25 years. The world may not understand this will be the United States of America by the middle of the century. Entrepreneurship in India is nothing less than building business foundation to ten times the present GDP.

How can India become more competitive in the field of economy?

Competition, competitive advantage is about one thing. The sustainable ability to concede more value added in its products and services to your customer or any other country or consistency; at a national level. India if not now; will be able to grow in next twenty years and bring human resources in the competitive world of economy.

How can today’s youth help in building India’s economy?

Every major economy suffers from the lack of youth. The population of all big countries is growing old. Indian youth will the source of world economy in next ten – fifteen years. India has a population of   1.22 billions, more than half of them are youth i.e. under twenty –five years old which are young. The job for the country is to find this young people jobs

What would you like to say to the youth?

No matter where you are, what state of life you are in, attain your education and build a skill to become a productive member of the Indian economy. Get an education, probably a technical education. So educate yourself.

As told to Shraddha Jandial

Image Courtesy  [The Viewspaper]