Ghai Does It Again

black.jpgSubhash Ghai’s film, Black and White, has done well on one front; added itself to his list of stories gone waste. Earlier entrants include Pardes, Taal Yaadein, and Kisna So my suggestion to Mr. Ghai is, write stories, but please don’t direct them. On a more serious note, ‘Showman you have lost that Midas touch in your direction, and, your recent films testify this.’

Well, now I will begin the autopsy of the flick. Till the Interval, you will dread watching the rest of the movie, and simultaneously feel like going home. Even watching 100th repeat telecast of MTV Roadies is better then watching a gentleman of your grand-pa’s age trying to make you laugh. Post interval, the movie will at least equate itself with the latest soap on NDTV Imagine, when it comes to appealing to your eye balls.

If you are a Delhite then be ready to see Chandni Chowk as colorless as ever. I doubt it was Chandni Chowk or was it a street in Mumbai that Ghai passed off as Old Delhi? Maybe he took the title to heart. All the colors that the cinematography lost, were instead handed over to the screenplay, but only the chaotic shades of it. It isn’t easy to understand the narrative, akin to a rocket science lecture.

The concept of the movie is original; a terrorist getting shelter with a well to do family. The clichéd handling of the movie however, spoils the show. Scenes such as romancing in the rain and saving a child’s life to win the trust of your beloved further prove this point. In fact, it surprised me so much to see that terrorists are such ‘vella-prani’ ( useless people) who can act to help their peer get trust of a social activist, and, that too only to get entry passes to the Independence Day event.

The movie was meant to be emotional, and as the storyline says, there are only emotions like ‘bhaigiri’ ‘grandsongiri’ & husband-wifegiri in the world?

Aditi & Anurag Sinha had three to four frames together when their romance would have been really apt, and, could have saved the audience the element of laughter which they give in response to sensual scenes between Shefali and Anil Kapoor. The movie doesn’t give right clues to the audience, thus, when meant to laugh, they sit all through and wonder what was that and when they are to be provoked into thoughts, they burst out laughing.

Many parts of the movie seemed to be time pass, with events like Gaffar bhai’s heart attack fails to find relevance.

Though the way the officer checked his intentions by offering him prasad was quite innovative and so were the scenes which followed the death of Roma (played by Shefali) to put in two words, simply awesome.

The story was quite fictitious and impractical, but the message it puts across is enough to be forgiven. The ingredients that were put in the movie were really good, if only they would have been mixed properly. Then, the movie would have been a sure shot hit.

Monica Verma


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