Girl or Boy it is God’s Gift of Joy

She was blessed with a baby girl for the second time. People around them addressed the couple with encouraging words like

–‘God sent her to the right place where she will be nourished and taken care of’.
-Sisters will always have a healthy bonding.
-Daughters care for their parents more than the sons.

Is that necessary?… to justify the birth of a girl child every time? And will the same justification be given if the second one was a boy. Is it that difficult to raise two daughters?…that it needs the “encouragement” from all sources.

Let us take the expenses that arise while raising a kid. During infant stage the Clothing, food, medical expenses etc. will almost be the same irrespective of the sex of the child. We don’t have vaccination by sex of the child!!!

If we take the expenses on the toys that would be spent on a kid- well if the girl demands a “Barbie” doll the boy will go for an expensive toy car or a “Ben 10” game set.
For schooling, the expenses will be the same, as school fee structure is not gender biased.

If dowry is stated as the prime reason.. then it is in our hands to abolish the system which is also a crime as laid down by our law.

Yesterday I was reading about the harrowing incidents happening in a small village in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, where girl children are bred to die. The illiteracy, poverty, dowry, inability to provide medical facilities were cited as the reasons for the death of girl children. They were murdered and buried immediately after they step into this world. This happens in rural India were the lack of awareness was highlighted.

Even in urban and well developed metro cities female infanticide still exist. It is a sad and heart breaking or sickening practice in our country and shamefully it prevails even in the educated group. Many rational and revolutionary thoughts have been written and spoken on this topic. But I personally feel that disowning a girl child after her arrival into this world is worst form of any crime. Let us never try to justify her sustenance in this world.

With the current infertility rates in India and the increase of child bearing through IVF methods, children have become precious and bearing a child is god’s gift; whether “it is girl or boy the child is god’s gift of joy.”


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