Girliyapa’s Marital-Rape Sitcom Should Be Watched By Everyone


Have a go, not because we are asking you to. Not because we are campaigning against another social evil and want to galvanize minds. Watch it so you can differentiate between literacy and education; between knowledge and wisdom, and between sanity and lunacy.

In India, marital rape has been facing existential crisis since long. The delusional society is far from accepting the truth about it. That it is a violation of basic human rights and must be fought like other crimes. Our government – along with the judiciary – leaves no opportunity to ridicule the very idea of this wrongdoing. Ministers preach how ‘raping’ someone within the purview of a ‘sacred’ bond is debatable, because India is land of many cultures, practices, ‘traditions’, etcetera.

The media, however, has been ruthlessly pursuing this crime. Unlike the other pillars of democracy, this one understands that a society cannot flourish or progress if there is silent rebellion, violation of fundamental rights and forced submission. Marital rape does not feature in the Indian Penal Code, because as a country, we are yet to acknowledge it. Nonetheless, we have barbaric stories and first-hand accounts of people who have survived this savagery.

Steering the debate caustically, Girliyapa came up with a rib-tickling yet derisive sit-com, loosely-based on the concept of the popular western series How I Met Your Mother. In the Indian version titled How I Raped Your Mother, a newly-married woman returns to her parental home when she cannot endure her husband’s abuses anymore. When she tells her parents and extended family members that she is raped every day, even when she is on her periods, her family boos her for being an inexperienced bride with no knowledge of ‘passionate’ love-making.

Instead of understanding her troubles and helping, her big-fat Indian family showcases its mammoth ignorance on the matter, brushing it away as a pseudo-liberalist movement of the modern day women.

Marital rape, apparently, has been carved to perfection on the very foundations of the Indian-ness, its culture and ‘tradition’, because women must endure pain, and the husband deserves the key to the vagina.

Watch this satire as it disparagingly rebukes the very culture of marital abuse, while keeping the humour, witlessness and idiocies of the bhartiya parivar intact.

Take a bow, Girliyapa.

Prerna Mitra

The Viewspaper