Give the Young Turks a Chance: Revitalise Governance

“We are not getting responsibility” This seems like a cry from employees who plead for something more in their jobs, something that will make them want to come to work. Well this is definitely a cry, but not from regular employees but Ministers of State, who want to give more of themselves for the service of the nation. Now this has come into the public eye only because a famed newspaper carried out an article did not say much, the actual problems faced by the ministers being relegated into the realm of ambiguity but nonetheless sparked debate. The current government contains 38 members who are labeled as young Turks amongst their 78 member council of ministers. Jyotirditya Scindia -MoS for Commerce and Industry, Agatha Sangma – MoS for Rural Development, Sachin Pilot – MoS for Communication and IT are a few popular faces that one could recognize of the 38.

A meeting conveyed with the presence of PM Manmohan Singh to discuss the ordeal and in turn the matter would be looked into by a further discussion with the cabinet ministers.

By speculation on could assume that this outburst by certain MoS was due to a possibility that on paper all is well defined and the work is allocated but in reality they act only as nominal heads functionally incapable of making decisions. Their level of expertise and skill is limited to the area of ribbon cutting and making public appearances. This assumption bring another dilemma brought to the forefront- Why keep positions that are not clearly needed?  Or should these positions be given more power?

Getting the younger generation involved in politics and then depriving them of power seems like a vicious game of power play. Get them into the act but do not make them proactive, is sinister. What is the point of having people occupy positions like these, which clearly do not utilize the true potential of the individual involved but also deprive them of the true nature of their job?

Although, highly educated MoS like Agatha Sangma and Sachin Pilot are not complaining and are resorting to create their own space by using a different strategies. In the case of Agatha Sangma, a certain quite confidence separates her from the rest. Her stance of wanting to speak something relevant and beneficial rather than to speak for the sake of speaking shows her level headedness and capability to shoulder responsibility.

The number of such individuals with great amounts of dedication is so scarce that you wonder -Would not it be more economical to do away with these positions and instead create new ones which will be beneficial to everyone involved?

However this is easier said than done. Creation of new positions would initiate many a useless meetings and judging by the way the government functions, it would be very long before any concrete decision will come through. Till then the ministers would suffer the plight of having the talent but not the resources and the positions to perform their job. Then again, one could always take the example of Rahul Gandhi who refused to be MoS but is still creating waves in the political arena with his wit, foresight and clean political agenda.

However the better of the two suggestions would still be to create a specific job description and roles and spheres of interference in the position already carved out, instead of scraping it and then creating anew. It would definitely be less time consuming. This needs to be done not only on paper but also requires adequate functional support. Yes the young Turks need guidance but not much that thwarts the individual‘s political and personal growth.  It’s really a shame when enigmatic young people are into politics but are relegated to mediocre public limelight rather than be a part of larger socio-politico framework.  Let us give the future citizens a good government, one which incorporates the right ideas and enthused people, carves out suitable and well defined roles which will not only benefit those in position but also those who are being serviced. When the youth are self-willing and desirous of more responsibility rather than stunt their inclination, there is a need for appropriate training and some amount of decision making functionality.  These are educated young blood, ready to take on the world! Give the young Turks a chance; they might have the ability to outshine the oldies.

Chriselle Fernandes

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