Give and Take

SocietyThe civilization we dwell in today was formed on the age-old principle of give-and-take. It is a congregation of symbiotic species of humans, continuously supporting each other in their perpetual endeavour for ascending the contemporary levels of society, profession & self-being. While altruists contradict this philosophy, emphasizing on the theory of ‘self-less KARMA’, practicalists rationalize the mutual process as quintessential to the peaceful & harmonious co-existence of mankind as a whole.

In the modern world, the definitions of give-&-take have aberrated from the conventional ones to those of consequentialistic nature. People lay more stress on the end results than the process itself. In their quest to achieve the best for themselves, they’ve started considering ‘self’ important and significant. The interests & benefits of self become most important when it faces competition with the good for the larger section of society. This holds good from everyone’s perspective where each find their own grieves more saddening and problems steeper than that of others.

Nevertheless, we move on ignoring all these drastic and gigantic changes that affect our lives to the highest levels. Man is so engrossed in accomplishing his goals that he chooses to overlook all that doesn’t concern his immediate target. As a result, our desires struggle to reach the unattained heights as the obstacles and limitations are colossal in front of our abilities that get determined by the limiting societal norms & regulations. Materialism has gained strong grounds to kill the sense of benevolence within us. We think twice before doing anything charitable, of the benefits, and eventually we opt out.

“Give-and-take” has acquired new horizons. We give only when we retrieve something equally important and significant. Even the most philanthropic person would not invest any of his monetary gains or physical skills in something that can’t earn him social recognition as a ‘generous soul’. People dole only when that can give them the coveted emblem of “SOCIALISTS”. There are politicians and ministers who never deliver to their promises. Powerful & rich people, the likes of businessmen, social dignitaries and industrialists can’t find time to look after themselves (as they reason), let alone others. The common man has insufficient resources to meet his ends, granting them sufficient cover. Such is the plight of “GIVING” today.

While the policy of give-and-take was actually meant to facilitate the sharing of resources and utilities that get distributed unequally, by chance or will, today, it is used by the privileged upper strata of society to either earn respect or extract as much as possible from the hapless lot. No one actually tries to compensate for the loss of the afflicted ones. Eventually, the rich “give less and take more” and “the poor take less but are compelled to give more”. While ‘GIVING’ doesn’t mean ‘donation-blind and unbothered’, it must and is always used in conjunction with ‘TAKING’. Neither will those who take accept anything without being able to sufficiently pay back their gratitude nor the ones ‘giving’, will give without concern. It should be as a collective and mutually understood effort for the advancement of the human clan on the whole, covering all the sections of people.

Arindam Chakraborty