Global Warming of the Body

Hello Sheena! I need you here. What happened Devika? Sweetie I have put on 5 kgs. I am no longer a size zero and tomorrow is Karan’s birthday. What do I do?…..Puzzled…You would have thought that this was something that was a part of Vh1’s sweet 16…think again…Like all things American Indians have caught on to this fad as well and alarmingly so. Statistics show that a great deal of women and teenage girls are following this path to become like their same-aged idols on the DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES/THE OC and similar shows emphasizing on the need to look statistically perfect.

What baffles me most is that they are ready to go to any lengths for this even at the cost of their health. What they do not realize is that these celebrities endure a great deal of treatments and health diets to look the way they do and do so while keeping their health firmly in mind. So, these wannabe Gabys’ embark on this journey with destination size zero and do end up there but with many side-effects. Many a times they end up in hospitals with problems like hair loss, anaemia and in advance cases anorexia nervosa etc. In addition, to this category of starlets there is the category that wants to stay thin but doesn’t want to give up on their junk so they tend to eat one fatty thing a day like maybe a pastry a day and starve through the day and feel the sense of fulfillment in the sense that she can eat what she wants and stay thin. What’s worse is that most of these young girls are well-educated and high-flying going to some of the best schools and colleges and have everything they need at their disposal yet not using something they were born with, that being the brain. How I wish they would all use it? How I wish they would spend 5 minutes of their facebook time reading about it? But, I guess all my wishes can’t be granted and not so soon…..

No, I am not advocating for obesity, nor am I saying fat is fit; I am just trying to drive home the point that size zero is a very fake estimate of one’s body type. Each body type is different and one shouldn’t try to alter it just like we have altered the environment and ended up with our doomsday date. You might wonder why this topic has caught my attention and why I am so fervently trying to appeal to your reason. Well, let me put an end to your questions, simply because I want to warn you if you are in some way a part of this or want to be a part of this new-found clique. I want to warn you of the unforeseen dangers that this seemingly harmless act might cause because I know people who have been down this road and have nothing to offer but words of regret. After having been through this ordeal with them in the sense of being a good friend and being there for them I know that if they had known any better they wouldn’t have deprived their bodies of just what they are dependent on now to have their shot at leading a normal life. Imagine dieting and giving up everything that you love to eat to lose weight only to put it back on later that too forcibly eating all the things you hate. On their behalf and out of sheer disgust for this misuse of the body so wonderfully created by God with every part working in tandem for the lucky ones I want to be the one taking this first but important step, the step of creating awareness about this eating disorder. Just think for a second how illogical it is to think that what you have put on over months will disappear just like that in a matter of days.

A strange fact about anorexia is that it cannot be merely treated by taking medicines as it is a complex condition, involving neurobiological, psychological, and sociological components. It involves refusal to maintain body weight at or above a minimally normal weight for age and height along with intense fears of becoming obese. It has a lot to do with dissatisfaction with one’s body structure. Furthermore, it has two categories: the restricting type and the binge-eating or purging type. In the former one the person has not regularly engaged in binge-eating or purging behavior (that is, self-induced vomiting, over-exercise or the misuse of laxatives, diuretics, or enemas) while in the latter one it is the opposite. If this grosses you out try reading about it, which is still a little better than actually experiencing it.

Knowing this much is not enough as a wise man once said ’a little knowledge is dangerous thing’. Believe me an initiative on our part to know more will change a lot and that’s why I want to enhance awareness about this silent killer of a disease among teenagers and adults alike so they can stop this global warming of the body before it reaches its apocalypse…

Kritika Tiwari

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