Global Warming or Global Cooling: What’s Happening?

Global warming may sound like an overly exhausted topic of global concern by now, but practically questioning the reputation of it, are global warming discussions merely a hobby of the world leaders, or is it just a topic of essay writing in school competitions or if it is to be believed is global warming a threat to our very existence. Like every decade has a superficial airy premonition about the mankind jumping into non existence due to some reason or the other, is global warming just another premonition for this decade?

We humans tend to get pro active on hearing that something unpredictable is on the cards, who can forget the extremely suggesting videos of glaciers melting in some part of the world shown by our very capable news channels, clinging on to them as if gold coins discovered in trash. Even though we prefer living in denial, it does leave an impact on us, seeing that water levels are rising, forcing in our mind’s eye the view of glacier melt reaching our front doors.

Here, I will give you two striking views on global warming. One will concern you and the other will amuse you.
Global warming is basically heating up of the earth surface, due to accelerating emission of green house gases such as Carbon dioxide and Methane, which are increasing due to increase in fossil fuel burning and deforestation. This threat has been endorsed by top most scientists of the world and science societies and organisations researching this particular concern. Going by their predictions it won’t be long when we find ourselves floating in hell, if we don’t get serious about it today.

Globally, a consensus has been formed that global warming is a threat and needs urgent emission cuts by all the countries doing much damage to the environment by rapid industrialisation. Now, there’s a story within a story, many countries refuse to do so waiting for the developed counterparts to show their generosity first. India being one of them. Though India is leading in terms of clean development mechanisms devised by any country, it’s still perceived to be a contributor in the current environmental menace, notwithstanding the fact that India is still an agrarian economy.

However, its not global warming that’s a threat as perceived by some, its perhaps ‘global cooling’ that is. These revolutionaries believe that it is just a natural cycle that we are going through and the claims made by the so called climate experts that global warming is man-made are untrue. They pinpoint that CO2 is responsible for only 9% of the greenhouse gases and that one volcanic eruption emits more greenhouse gas to our atmosphere than we can do collectively in 100 years. In other words they claim that no matter how much we try we cannot have any effect on climate.

If there was any environmental concern that involved politics and economics of the world, it has got to be this one. With global warming making it to the top most global forums, call it G20, Copenhagen meet, United Nations or for that matter even world economic forum in Davos, fighting it has clearly become as important as fighting global recession.

We don’t know if the threat is man-made or is it just the nature’s way of telling ‘I am bored, let’s bring some change’, whatever it is, its big and unpredictable.

Notwithstanding who the felon is, the threat of the Earth, transforming into nothingness hovers. We may be believers or enforcers, but the ultimate loss is for living beings to borne. Whatever happens happens to our dismay, without any excuses of non cooperation between countries to cut carbon emissions or our simple age old carelessness for environment. It’s about time that we realise the serious implications that those clichéd melting glaciers that we see on TV may have of our blindness towards the foreseen debacle.

Let’s just liberate ourselves from the selfishness of our being and work for a better future for the generations to come. Let’s not be called as that unscrupulous generation which doomed the earth.

How much is planting a tree in your vicinity going to cost you, how much time will it take from your busy schedule to move the thermostat down 2 degree Celsius in winters and 2 degrees up in summers and how much energy will it take to spread this message amongst your friends. These simple initiatives if taken by every individual, can work to unbelievable lengths in saving this planet.

We can make a world of a difference if each one of us shows a little care and concern for the issue of global warming, regardless of which country we belong to. From avoiding putting laptops on standby to using recycled paper bags, you as an individual can register your contribution in fighting global warming. Each of us has a part to play. Let the world leaders do their part of debates and discussions, and let’s stick to our part of working at our own level by making swift changes in our nature of working and behaving towards our environment.

It’s not a prophecy that global warming is going to consume the world; it’s just the final repercussion that it may have on us if we still don’t mend our ways. All that’s left to be done is to wake up from slumber, open our eyes, see the miniscule changes that our taking place in our climate every single day, and realise that it’s for real, not just another cock and bull story.

Tanya Jain

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