Global Warming : An Inconvenient Truth


The Industrial Revloution brought several new technological adavancements and smacking inventions which made life more efficient . But as all that is good comes with a certain asking price, this brought with it a huge value to pay. It might just cost us the world! Global warming is not just an issue but a severe predicament that has plagued our planet earth . Akin to every other nature related problem, it too has a cause and effect; several changes that it brings and many precautionary measures that can be applied.

But the question arises how can we try to manage a situation without knowing the crux of the matter? In order to bring it to a halt, we must fully understand its consequences and know its harmful effects. Global warming is precisely an increase in the earth’s temperature. A good deal of solar energy that reaches earth is absorbed by the land or the oceans which sequentially then radiates the energy back into space. But due to some small concentration of water vapour and other gases, a quantity of this energy is converted into heat and kept for the surface. The greenhouse gases include natural gases as well as water vapour. Also the air contains Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Methane (CH4), Nitrous Oxide (N2O), and many HCFC’s and HFC’s, all of which are the result of human activities. According to many climatologists, the carbon dioxide levels have augmented during the 20th century, the causes being the various emissions by fossil fuels, industrial or agricultural processes etc. As for the climate, the changes have been largely visible. The liquifying of the ice sheets, which was a few thousand years ago very gradual, has now started to hasten and speed up. The consequences will be that the sea level will leviate, which is not good. The total quantity of potential emissions also depends on a range of attributes namely the demographic, economic and technological policies and institutional developments.


I was dismayed to find that the scientists have already predicted that by 2100, without Emissions and Control policies, the concentration of Carbon Dioxide will be upto150 % higher than what they are at present . In order to make the present human population aware of this situation, a ninety minute documentary by David Gurgenheim was made in 2006 called An Inconvenient Truth. It was used as a influential resource to engage the youth in further inquiry and research of this important issue. Many conventions have taken place betweem various countries with one main agenda in hand, if the humans are accountable for the increase in global warming then what should be done about it. As for the film itself , it states that there is no scientific doubt in the fact that there is a massive boost in human influenced global warming.


There are various suggested actions and measures that each individual should to curb this. CFL bulbs can be used in place of regular ones which can save 68 kilograms of Carbon Dioxide a year. We should switch to green power. Also, each person should plant more trees. When your appliances are not in use, they should be unplugged. One should use less of hot water as it consumes a lot of energy to heat up water. Even setting your thermostat down by 1 degree celsius in winter and one degree up in summer can save 900 kg of Carbon Dioxide a year. Furthermore, an emphasis should be made on car pooling.You will save 282grams of Carbon Dioxide every Km if you don’t take your individual car. Also, more energy efficient products should be used.


All these are just some of the measures that can be adopted . There are many more that can be applied and many new are sure to come that will help reduce our problems to a great extent.


What we finally have to do is save our mother Earth!


Kaveri Trehan