Globalization Bridging Closer

If there’s something permanent today, it is ”change”. In every way, the world seems to be undergoing tremendous transformations. We have got to keep pace.

Globalization, as I see it, is simply reaching out to another person. This is one dynamic highly commonplace in our lives today. Take a look around for a testimony. How many of us can function in isolation? A very thin number, perhaps. It is indispensable, the co-operation. What is it, shrinking of the world? It is doing what you are best at and having a specialist to do the rest or engaging his acumen in developing your own capabilities. Globalization is about maximum total advantage. How it gets divided is, however, a matter of thought. And in that context, I believe Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest holds good.

At a broader level, it is concerning the well being of society at large and making up for deficiencies in its sustenance model. Globalization is a coming together of capabilities for optimum results. This may be a ready to serve definition in some people’s view quite contrasted to reality. But reality is also not so disparate. We are enjoying a high standard of living, comforts and luxuries of a certain class. We have the best facilities for entertainment and recuperation. It is an upshot of globalization activities.

Some contest that globalization is the price we have to pay for development and a price to be borne by the poor and under privileged, a fair argument in so far as the route of development is not an integrated one and some are excluded from reaping its benefits. But as we move from a developing to a developed nation, I am sure such impediments would be overcome.

About globalization versus cultural barriers, I would say that a situation where there is going to be one language and one uniform culture is too far fetched and highly unworkable. Also, it would be fairly boring to be a part of a borderless world. In such a world there would have to be only cities, no room for townships or rural communities. Cultural differences are good, they set us apart and are readily respected as long as they stand for a harmonious distinction.

Nevertheless, the impact that the global integration is having on our “coded” moral ethics is for the better. We are all being regarded as part of a larger whole and social sin is the only culpable sin any longer.

Globalization will also eventually lead to surmounting delay and ineptitude in our system. But we have got to think for ourselves in making choices or I guess our situation could be similar to what some wise guy thought when he wrote, “Some people are so open minded that their brains fall apart”.

Vasundhara Sud

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