Globalization: A Different Perspective

LonerGlobalization- a word almost all urban dwellers are familiar with today. Without being too technical, it simply implies bringing all into one or merging the different cultures/economies/technologies and considering everything with respect to the world and not with respect to nations/countries etc.

India has also been actively participating in the globalization revolution .We have a few global cities, we are trading a lot and have a considerable effect on the global economy.

From BPO, KPO to something as amusing as a home delivered massage parlour, we are definitely globalized, at least as far as the urban sector is concerned.

In fact it was this news piece about a French couple which offers services to metro dwellers in form of medically suited massages to provide their customers some much needed relaxation that made me think over, what globalization is doing to us!!

We call ourselves social animals and already having deteriorated social lifestyles,

globalization isn’t helping out much. We are confining ourselves to our own selves and nothing else. Think about it—home delivered food, ration ,water ,massages ,utility products, agents deliver loans at homes, we watch our favourite Hollywood flick on our brand new LCD/Home Theatre, sipping an imported beer may be having a Chinese snack along(which was sent home by the nearest shopping centre for extra charges).Everything is at our doorstep. In a way it is good. But then it also induces indolence and we land up being self centric couch potatoes, not so healthy, neither for the mind nor for the body.

What we are increasingly heading towards is the center of a giant web that we have woven over the years and soon we will be so entangled that there would be no way out. But we prefer to pay no heed and just move without thinking. Once in a while a simple thought can be very fruitful in future, so at least exercise some grey cells and let not the globalization fever catch you, rather keep a tab on it and enjoy being a global citizen.

Meghna Baveja