Go Green – Are we doing our bit?

A lot goes into saying just two words “GO GREEN”! But we seldom realise that what we really imply when we say this. I often think ‘what if the Global Warming term was not coined’ or ‘what if we didn’t have Climate Change as one of the prime concerns in G8 and G20 summits?’ What would be the scene if the satellite imaging would not have captured shrinking glaciers? What would be the scenario if there were not drastic weather changes? All said and done but still it is just available on Google searches, it is on the agenda of scientists, companies fighting all the odds to contribute less to the evil just because large masses come on streets fighting for the cause and shouting slogans like “GO GREEN”. However the point of interest is ‘How many of us really know what we are fighting for and how does this fight would bring a change?

24×7, there are numerous activities happening around the globe that directly or indirectly contribute to this global warming. When the west sleeps, east works and vice versa so every second of 24hours, we add on to the list of miscreants deteriorating our nature. But this larger than life picture of Global Warming has misled many people to just think that the problem can be rescued only by taking major steps such as cutting carbon emissions, ban on deforestation, involving bigger companies to sign the Green pact so that they contribute less to this mishap. But on the basic grounds, the scene is all together different. There are simple yet substantial steps which if followed sincerely can work wonders fighting this problem.

Do we give a thought to the tons of plastic that goes into daily use just in household chores-let alone industries? Do we ever give a genuine thought when we drive our bikes or /cars for that 500mt distance? Do we ever bother to turn off the fan or /light and other electrical appliances when not in use? Do we make it a point that we use our resources judicially? Do we ever go and fight just in our locality to have proper disposal of garbage but we would readily go and stand up for the cause if its a mass rally so that we can update the status on our facebook profiles.? Do we just help care that dying sapling in our backyard or lawn and let it grow into a tree? Seemingly stupid but yet the most practical actions an individual can contribute to.But Wwe just seem to forget the lesson of genuineness.

Do we all know that there is a provision for each of these gadgets and equipments to be given off in a recycling centers and trash hubs where each part is taken separately and put into use optimally. Every home gets a newspaper-whether we read it or not is a different story. Every house has one laptop per person, one car per person. Our needs have grown by leaps and bounds and maybe more than what mother nature can compensate for. Natural resources are being used at magnificent scales in providing us with the luxuries or so called “necessities” of today. As the saying goes “Nature has enough to fulfill our needs but not enough to satiate our greed”. That’s why I say if we can’t refrain ourselves from buying the product, at least we can use them judicially.

You would have heard “Charity begins at home”. Start following these easy steps at your home. Tell your parents, siblings and friends and help spread the word. After all, actions speak louder than words. And this is what I would call the real “GO GREEN” campaign that is marked by action and not by rallies and protests. And this is what makes you feel like a REAL HERO inside – the alpha male and the alpha woman!

Karanvir Gupta

Image source : [http://www.flickr.com/photos/azrainman/2047910540/]