Go Kiss the World

Subroto Bagchi is the co-founder of MindTree, an international IT consulting company, started in 1999. He stepped out of the role of Chief Operating Officer, to assume the responsibility of being the “Gardener” of the company. His first book which was released in 2006 “The High Performance Entrepreneur” as a Penguin Portfolio publication received great critical acclaim. “Go Kiss the World” is his second book, which was released in 2008 as a Penguin Portfolio publication again.

A very candid and casual journey into the experiences of a very successful personality, Go Kiss the World is a book that is bound to bring about a positive shade to everything around the reader, when he/she is reading the book. The author has described his childhood, family, work and other interests in a very conversational tone.

The early years of Bagchi in a small town in Orissa in which he describes the small things that a child finds fascinating – things that most adults now fail to stop to ponder about is a part that would unwind the stacks of childhood memories wound up in one corner of our mind. The mentoring by his brother and the influence of his mother’s strength and common sense are a few of the highlights of the book.

The author’s transition from a student to a “babu” and then to a management trainee and then finally the entry into the computer industry is definitely something that young people of today would find quite interesting. In today’s world of tremendous competition, career shifts and depleting business ethics, this recap of the journey of a highly successful and respected entrepreneur is sure to inspire many.
This book makes it quite clear that devotion and passion are sure to take anyone to great heights. It reinforces our faith in things of the past like angels or messengers who from time to time, deliver a seemingly simple but important advice that shapes our lives. It reminds us to never retire from life but to stop and smell the roses while enjoying the journey and finding new destinations.

The strength of this book lies in the fact that the author is not in a hurry to pack in as much information as possible into a stipulated number of pages. He is not bent upon bragging about his achievements. His style of writing seems to reflect his approach to life too – sincere and realistic, with an eye that singles out the beauty in everything and everyone. In short, this book encourages the young entrepreneur to explore about himself/herself and to go kiss the world!

R. Soundarya

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