God takes away…

I have always heard that God takes away
those who are good human beings…

First my mama, and then my grandma…
I wish HE could have shown some mercy!

A year has not even yet passed
But I miss you deeply with all my heart!

Growing up with you by my side…
Learning from you never to lie!

You were the one I ran to,
When I didn’t know what to do..

And you were the one who was always there,
When no one else seemed to care…
You kept on pouring unconditional love
just as calm as a peaceful dove…

Your voice was divine…your touch was serene
I have never seen a lady as strong as you have been

Yes, a million tears I have shed,
‘coz I long to hear your voice say my name
and hold my hand as you’ve always had.

I sometime smile thinking about you
remembering the moments I shared with you

There was something magical about you
that made me addicted to you

You are an inspiration and
I’m proud to be in your blood relation.

Now you watch me from up above
Shining down on me your heavenly love

I miss you nani… I miss you a lot
You were the queen of my life
and you’ll forever be…

Ashima Dewan

Image Source: [http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_78qFC4_ojUY/TKyRIE8VOoI/AAAAAAAAAEg/ODjZKnW3yOg/s1600/Yeshua+sand+hearingGod.tv.JPG]