God-The Enigma

God-The Enigma- survived through religious
and scientific arrogance

Recently I was engaged in animated conversation with a person on the hype created by the doomsday theory as per the Mayan calendar.

He is one of the contemporary credulous persons, who believe in the prophecy of the new age soothsayers – the electronic media personalities, be it elections,
economy or weather. When I refused to buy the arguments – Mayan calendar or not, he argued that  many scientists in the program believed in it too.

When I delivered my sermons about the fallibility of doomsday theory and the credibility of the electronic media he realized my strong belief and what came next was probably no less than a bomb, at least in his eyes.

He asked ‘Do you agree that if God decides to destroy this world he could do it without fail?’

I told him, ‘that depends on your perception of God’.

‘What is your perception of God?’  He asked me.

I said, ‘I wish I knew it’

He thought that I am an obstinate idiot and stopped the argument realizing the futility.

When I pondered over the point, I was knocked down and started seeing stars.

What is God and who could God be?

If God had created the earth – one of the planets in its solar system having its outer planet Pluto removed from its Sun by 5.9 billion kms in the milky way galaxy, with several such solar systems and planets in one galaxy, several such Galaxies making up the ever expanding Universe – the limited neurons in my head failed to conceive the limitless super- being called God.

The more I thought about the limitless God, the more I realized our fallibility.

The first and stark reality was the fallibility of religions, since the religion has limited the limitless by a name. Having confined the limitless god to a limited frame and name, religions have further narrowed our thoughts and forced us to believe in their god as perceived by someone.

Organised religions, instead of encouraging individuals to perceive God in broader terms, have restricted the vision of individuals to narrow practices.

While every religion claims superiority of its practices, mocks at other religious practices, without realising that all practices have stemmed out of our limited knowledge and folly.

The second fallibility is attributing benevolent and malevolent attributes to God. We have downgraded the stature of GOD to an HR manager, appraising individuals on their good and bad deeds.

An individual should indulge in good deeds and refrain from doing anything bad, only as a social requirement and not as a religious dictum.

Usurping is a tribal mentality; most religions classify usurping as a dreaded sin, but encourage and sanctify usurping in the name of GOD, belittling the limitless God.

When religions try and define a magnificent being which is beyond definitions, into a narrow human firmament, the folly of the human mind is laid bare. With all the apparent achievements we boast of, no human laboratory could create a living creature as simple as protozoa.

When such is the limitation of our knowledge, I am amazed at our capacity in
creating the Creator and attributing different names to our creation.

We Create, Christine, Cherish, Celebrate, attribute infallible attributes to our own creation, organise the ways and means to appease our creation, and finally get disorganised to fight to protect our GOD.

If God is a limitless entity there is a distinct possibility; if it is my god it cannot be a reality because of its limitations.

Suresh Naig