Going Across the Limits where the world says “IT’S OVER”

They say it’s over if you say NO, and it’s all back alive if you really want it to be so. True to the utmost level, things in our lives are just a creation of our perception about them. The way we think about things, the way we look after them & of course, the way we react to them. It’s the stimuli that really matters, perhaps it’s not something, which is always predictable. There are moments when we realize our real potential and straightaway latch on to them. It’s something which is a typical response of a human being. Of course, it’s none but HUMANS. We latch onto things which we find beneficial to us, we run away from things which are of no use. This is something to which everyone has to accede. Every time things around get messy, they seem grotesque & take hell of a stride into our lives & make it even more miserable. There are instances at the same time where we think it’s over, we cannot give it anymore & so, we just step behind without even judging for once if it is really so. Things for sure do not change overnight, but it’s the efforts and the dedication towards anything a person really wants to achieve. It is all the same as the famous quote says that “Rome was not built in a day” & that’s the bare truth.

We cannot achieve anything in just a wink, it takes in something to give out something that really matters. Things have changed in this world, people have become smarter. They know exactly what to do and how to do it even before it matters. They have many permutations and combinations to make it to their dreams but just a few of them make it through, some of them give it up half way while some give it up saying it was just a try, to make it across their dreams. They try acting complacent about their faults but why, does it really matter to people around. What really matters is what you do with your own life, screw it up or just tighten it from every side & make sure that there’s no seepage through it & all the sediments are there when you open it up a day. There are perhaps many stalwarts who have done it in the past & there are still many more on the cards who will make it someday. They don’t like being noticed, they do not want people’s ovation ‘coz to them, what matters is just their complacency.

There’s no words like “IMPOSSIBLE” in the dictionary of achievers ‘coz they make them possible every time. There’s nothing flimsy in their dreams, there’s nothing hollow in what they achieve & that’s the reason only why, they make it to the other end of the horizon. And as far as things which we see happening around in this world, it is quite gray. The atrocities in this world have become worse. Now, even they exist in myriad shades but it’s the ones who really perceive it well & make it to the other side where happiness, joy & manifold of their’s exist. And to me, it’s only them who make the world a place to live and breathe with a will to feel that “AAL iz WELL “.I’ll like to conclude my thoughts with just a quote of my own.

“Look into the mirror & see what it reflects,
Sneak into your heart & find what it beats for,
Stare at the night sky & challenge the stars,
Challenge them that you’ll be one of them on the earth,
And, you’ll be the one,
Who makes it to the other side of the horizon,
The horizon, which has been left unconquered,
And everything will be yours,
Your Life, Your Love & Your Dreams”

Mrinal Madhukar