God I can resist everything but not these.  This was my reaction when I saw those orbs of temptation in front of me. As I saw the vendor handing an empty plate, poking a hole in a sphere, shoving in stuffing, plunging the sphere into a giant vat of spiced liquid, and then placing it on the waiting plate, my temptation increased further. I felt like grabbing those stuffed spheres and popping them into my mouth whole, before the water melted through the dough.

I hope by now you all must have guessed rightly what the orbs of temptation were that I was in a pursuit to resist.  Being on a dedicated dieting mission I found it really hard to stop myself from having the golgappas or puchkas or gup-chups or paani- pooris as they are known. But following my move to the golgappa stall after a long time, it became next to impossible for me not to be a part of the interesting ritual of eating golgappas.

So after a rigorous struggle to resist the temptation soaring in my heart I finally decided to yield to it. I too ordered a plate like many other dedicated golgappa lovers standing there. And I stood there with a bowl in my hand while the vendor stuffed the phuckas and placed the first one on my plate. When I had my first bite, the various flavors exploded in my mouth and I was hit by ecstasy. It felt like a sweet and a salty deep kiss exploding in my mouth, inside out and in slow motion. The sour taste generally engulfs my mouth first, making me all the more eager for the meetha to hit the right taste buds. When that happens, it is complete bliss. At that moment, I find it the easiest thing in the world to forget everything and just savour the tangy sweet taste that holds me in a trance. After experiencing this heavenly moment for some time I did not realize when that first golgappa was gulped down by my mouth. And I stood holding out my plate eagerly for the next one.

After having done with few more golgappas finally I felt victorious to have performed this ritual with utmost perfection. So here ended my adventurous golgappa race of which I was the winner.

But my bond with these small tangy spheres made me realize that we too are like the stuffed snack balls stuffed with years of education, societal norms, jobs and responsibilities which are the spices and veggies; dipped in to the times we live in, which are sometimes tangy and sometimes sweet. And just like we cannot enjoy the meetha golgappa without having the khatta one before, similarly we cannot enjoy and value the good moments without being hit by the bad ones.

Indeed it is ironic yet interesting that all things under the sun, the ubiquitous small snack balls called golgappas can even give us remarkable insights into our lives.

Manisha Rana

Image Source:[http://wineanddine.asiaone.com/A1MEDIA/wdu/10Oct07/20071017.101533_st100bdind_golgappa_400x243.jpg]