Good Academic Results – A Prerequisite for Success?

“Once again you’ve thrown the same dirty marks on my face. Don’t know what you will do in future if you cannot manage your exams. We have sacrificed everything for your studies, not for this day….” These are the comments of Raj’s father while he is firing his tennis loving son upon the not so worthy class X results.

With the season of results at the threshold, it is indeed debatable whether good academic results are the ‘be all and end all’ of a good career. Perhaps, times have changed and the focus is being shifted to a more empirical base of learning than just mugging up text books and throwing them up during exams.

Certainly it is not a bad academic result that becomes an impediment in the road towards a good career, rather it is school, parental and peer pressure that acts as a parasite nagging into the instincts of the student to perform well. Some students just do not have the aptitude to sit with books, more often than not a pre-requisite towards a good academic result. A student may be good in sports, music, painting or dancing. If these skills of a student are honed and healthy encouragement is given to budding talent, they can surely be converted into full time careers and poor performance in academics would hardly matter.

One may question that cut throat competition shown by the sky rocketing cut-offs in the deemed colleges are enough to make one feel that a good result is a must for success. But for a student not interested in the type of courses taught in theses colleges, admission into them will not guarantee success. The character played by R. Madhavan in 3 Idiots is enough to highlight this point. This can further be substantiated by the fact that today campus recruiters do not pay much attention to academics if counterbalanced by extra-curricular activities. So a person not interested in books is certainly not at a loss if he is pursuing his passion, and his time energy is being channelized into something productive.

Moreover there are a plethora of opportunities that await students, catering to each opportunity of his choice. Success comes from grabbing these quality chances, working hard, making right decisions at the right time and above all learning from one’s mistakes.

For success the most important ingredients are diligence, self-belief, sincerity, faith in God and honesty. If these ingredients are put in the field of one’s choice which may not always be academics, a delicious dish of success is prepared with gratification as a topping.

A student who cannot stand the sight of blood, if forced to become a surgeon can never derive satisfaction from his/her vocation. Hence, the definition of success differs from person to person. Only thing common in success is passion and gratification. You may not earn a lot but by merely following your passion you feel satisfied and that is success. And everyone’s passion does not reside in books.

All students cannot have an inclination towards becoming doctors, engineers or charted accountants. Hence, poor performance in academics does not show that a student has no USP. The only need is to find the hidden talent in a student, channelize all the energies towards building it up so that it can be taken up as a career.

So, let there be sunshine, let there be rain in the lives of the students and let another chance be given to them to grow and prove their potentials.

Juhi Gupta

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