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Amazon announced that that it will acquire the popular social network for Goodreads

Goodreads is a social networking site for books. On this site you can have your personal bookshelves. You can rate and review books. You can participate in discussions with other people and also see what other people are reading. It even has quizzes, trivia, and quotations from books. It’s interactive, user friendly and free.

goodreads Inc. has purchased this catalogue and community website to increase the sales. The purpose is to sell more physical and digital books. Although the purchase price wasn’t revealed, bloggers mentioned that the deal was worth 150 million dollars. According to Amazon’s Vice President Russ Grandinetti, there was a shared interest in reinventing reading.

(As told to LA Times)

“Goodreads has helped change how we discover and discuss books, and with Kindle, Amazon has helped expand reading around the world. Both Amazon and Goodreads have helped thousands of authors reach a wider audience and make a better living at their craft. Together we intend to build many new ways to delight readers and authors alike.”



The company heads were positive about the change and looked at the move as a progressive approach.

Otis Chandler, CEO of Goodreads, put a good spin to the announcement. According to him Goodreads will remain an independent subsidiary of a parent company.

(As told to Time Entertainment)

“I think the bulk of our users, which are readers and authors, are going to be incredibly excited about the opportunity that this is going to enable. For readers, Goodreads is going to get better. It’s going to get more exciting for readers who use Kindle. And for authors, as Goodreads grows, there’s going to be more and more opportunity to connect with readers, which is really the business Goodreads is in.”

(As told to TechCrunch)

“I’m excited about this for three reasons:

1. With the reach and resources of Amazon, Goodreads can introduce more readers to our vibrant community of book lovers and create an even better experience for our members.

2. Our members have been asking us to bring the Goodreads experience to an e-reader for a long time. Now we’re looking forward to bringing Goodreads to the most popular e-reader in the world, Kindle, and further reinventing what reading can be.

3. Amazon supports us continuing to grow our vision as an independent entity, under the Goodreads brand and with our unique culture.”

Although positive goals and promises float around this decision, there have been many who were unhappy with the decision. Some users deleted their accounts in fear that Amazon will have access to their information. People dread Amazon’s big, corporate, and materialistic air compared to the comfortable and trustable Goodreads. They fear that their beloved site will lose its image and individual space.

The ones who liked the decision were excited about the changes and development. To them the increase in convenience was way more important than the cozy independence. People want the site to grow and be more interactive. These people do not mind the data transfer between the two platforms. They believe that like the other brands acquired by Amazon, Goodreads will also flourish under the parent company.

The president of Authors Guild Scott Turow had shrewdly observed the motives behind the acquisition and is skeptical.

(As told to CBS News)

“The key is to eliminate or absorb competitors before they pose a serious threat. With its 16 million subscribers, Goodreads could easily have become a competing on-line bookseller, or played a role in directing buyers to a site other than Amazon. Instead, Amazon has scuttled that potential and also squelched what was fast becoming the go-to venue for on-line reviews, attracting far more attention than Amazon for those seeking independent assessment and discussion of books.”

The merging will give Amazon an edge over other sites like Apple due to the niche social networking site. Not only will it increase the social interaction, it will give Amazon the technology Goodreads has built.


Amazon-buys-GoodreadsThe commercial goals are there but when users can have their benefits, the acquisition seems like a good idea. People may be worrying about the social platform turning into a cold-blooded, sales-oriented kind, but they will be getting more provisions by Amazon.

The decision has been getting mixed responses since Thursday, but it seems like the merge is here to stay.

Now will it be a hit or a miss, time will tell us.

Ambika Chauhan

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